How to Do A Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus at Home?

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Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common problem for women. But, if you do a medical pedicure for nail fungus in a timely manner, it will be easier to cure the fungus. In addition, taking care of your appearance is necessary to raise your mood. When a fungus (onychomycosis) appears on their feet, some women stop taking care of them and do a full-fledged pedicure. This is the wrong approach to the problem, because fungal therapy should include not only the use of drugs, but also gentle foot care.

If the feet receive full-fledged care, this will not only keep the mood in good shape, but also greatly increase the effect of the drugs used to treat the fungus. An excellent remedy is a medical pedicure for fungus.

The Causes of The Appearance of The Fungus

Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus
Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus

If the toenails have acquired a yellowish tint, begin to deform, break, have an unpleasant odor – this is a fungus. Anyone can get it. The main reasons for the appearance of fungus on the legs:

  • visiting beauty salons, gyms and other public places
  • visiting saunas, baths, swimming pools
  • ignoring hygiene rules
  • cracked nails
  • obesity, weak immunity, diabetes and some other diseases
  • taking medications, oral contraceptives

Medical manicure for onychomycosis at home can and should be done. It helps to get rid of the fungus faster. Basic rules for a home pedicure for onychomycosis:

  • you should first consult a dermatologist who will recommend suitable antifungal creams and varnishes
  • do not give anyone their pedicure tools and other personal hygiene products
  • you cannot use thick varnish and build up nails, because these procedures contribute to an increase in the fungus
  • if a trimmed pedicure is done, then it is impossible to trim the nails and cuticles deeply, because the fungus penetrates into the damaged areas
  • it is recommended to do a non-edged pedicure of fungal nails using acid treatment of the skin and cuticles
  • tools and the place where the pedicure was done must be treated with disinfectants

A healthy woman needs to have a pedicure once every six weeks, a sick woman every month or more often. Calluses, cracks, corns are the favorite environment of the fungus. One of the main rules – after the end of the pedicure, you should treat the shoes from the inside with formidron or miramistin. Then it must be placed in a plastic bag, where it is kept for a couple of days, then dried for a day and put on. The fungus will have no chance of winning.

We Do A Medical Pedicure at Home

Before doing a pedicure for nail fungus, you need to take care of a high-quality tool. You will need cotton sponges, nail polish remover, cuticle sticks and cream, nail polish, fixative, napkins, and nail scissors.

If your toenails don’t break, then sapphire or sand files will come in handy. But for brittle nails, fine-grained ones are more suitable.

Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus
Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus

The procedure itself takes no more than half an hour. If there is still old varnish on the nails, it is removed with a composition that does not contain acetone. A swab soaked in liquid moistens the coating and removes the varnish, its remains are removed with a stick.

Next, a warm solution of soda is prepared: 200 ml of water, 1 tsp / l of soda, 9-11 drops of lemon juice. If the nails began to exfoliate, then 2-3 drops of iodine can be added to the solution. A small amount of shampoo and a bar of soap are added to the resulting mixture. The solution must be poured into a pedicure bath and held in it (4-6 minutes) to soften the skin.

Then heels, feet, toes are worked through with a brush or pumice stone, old skin is removed. Dry your feet with a towel. You can wash them with a decoction of calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort. Now you need to lubricate the legs with cream, and apply gel on the cuticles.

It’s time to start processing the cuticles. They need to be pushed aside and carefully trimmed with forceps (nail scissors), having previously treated the instrument with alcohol.

You need to cut off smoothly, without capturing a lot of skin, otherwise bleeding may occur. The treated area is lubricated with an alcohol solution. It is recommended to use a scrub once a month.

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It’s the turn of the nails. They should be cut in a straight line so that the plates do not grow into the skin in the future. Next, the nails are polished with a file and degreased with a cotton sponge moistened with nail polish remover. The latter should not contain acetone.

Medical pedicure for fungus is accompanied by the application of varnish. As a rule, colorless varnish is applied first for several purposes:

  • prevention of yellow spots
  • pigment protection
  • ensuring the safety of the coating for a long time.

After this procedure, you need to wait ten minutes for the base to dry, and you can start staining. The varnish is applied in three strokes: two are placed on the sides of the nail, the third in the center. You need to take the varnish so that it is enough for a smear. The number of layers is at your discretion.

Then you need to rest for about fifteen minutes. After the varnish has dried, the last layer is applied – a fixer. Now you should wait another ten minutes and the procedure is complete. Thus, a medical pedicure is done for nail fungus.

Prevention of Onychomycosis or Nail Fungus

Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus
Medical Pedicure for Nail Fungus

To avoid re-infection with the fungus, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • use an individual pedicure set and treat it with antiseptics
  • maintain personal hygiene
  • do not wear other people’s slippers (and any other shoes) both at home and in public places
  • always wipe your feet after bathing

There is no need to be afraid of onychomycosis. A medical pedicure will always help – the fungus will disappear thanks to this procedure. Do you want your legs to always be smooth and beautiful? Take care of them!