Best Way to Moisturizing Your Face Skin at Home

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Moisturizing Your Face

No compromises: moisturizing your face is essential at any age. What tools will best cope with this task, what to look for in their composition and how to use them at home – we will tell you in this article.


What You Need to Know About Moisturizing Your Skin

Without exaggeration, water determines and regulates all body functions. And almost primarily responsible for the health and beauty of the skin. Therefore, it is very important not to forget about moisturizing your skin.

If there is little moisture, the production of collagen and elastin immediately decreases, elasticity decreases sharply. The skin becomes defenseless against aggressive environmental factors, aging processes are activated.

For each type, the lack of hydration of the facial skin affects differently.

  • Dry Skin – tightness, peeling.
  • Oily Skin – by irritation and rashes, because with dehydration, the production of sebum increases and the pores are often clogged, provoking inflammation.
  • Combined (Mixed) Skin – shine in the T-zone and peeling in the U-zone (we talk about this area of ​​the face here).
  • Normal – loss of healthy color and smoothness, feeling of discomfort and tightness.

In general, you cannot do without moisturizing the skin. Therefore, immediately after cleansing and toning, a moisturizing stage should follow. It is this care that stimulates metabolic processes at the cellular level. And we will tell you how to moisturize your skin below.

How to Moisturize Your Face at Home?

Everyone can moisturize their face at home with cosmetics, but there are important nuances and rules. For example, moisturizing masks and serums are useful for any skin. But the cream must strictly correspond to the type of skin.

With dry skin, it is worth combining facial moisturizing with nutrition – this is a smart decision in case of a lack of your own lipids. And here emulsions with natural oils, ceramides, squalane work well.

For oily skin, intensely moisturizing gels and fluids with a mattifying effect (especially in summer), which regulate the production of sebum, are suitable. It is important that the formulas are non-comedogenic and contain no mineral oils.

Light textures are shown for combination skin, and for the T-zone it is worth additionally picking up a matting fluid.

How to properly apply moisturizer to your face? Try to follow the diagram below:

moisturizing your face
Way to Moisturizing Your Face

Composition of Products for Moisturizing Facial Skin

Skin moisturizers necessarily contain two types of ingredients:

  • attracting and retaining moisture (hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, glycerin, L-carrageenan);
  • moisture-trapping (squalane, natural oils) that form an occlusive film on the skin surface, preventing water from evaporating.

Review of Some Best Facial Moisturizers

We have selected for you a selection of products that will help you moisturize your skin well at home.

Moisturizing Mattifying Sebum-Regulating Emulsion Effaclar Mat, La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Mat
Effaclar Mat

The product with thermal water, glycerin, zinc and sebulize is non-comedogenic and does not contain oils. Mattifies skin, reduces oily sheen, tightens pores and moisturizes well.

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  • Alina: “Light texture, the skin remains fresh and matte throughout the day.”
  • Kate M: “I bought Effaclar Mat – I recommend it. Even at +33 °C, the face looks great, there is no desire to fry potatoes on it. From now on I am a fan of La Roche-Posay! “
  • Maria: “I really liked the cream, especially in combination with the gel and duo +, excellent texture, the skin becomes soft, inflammations go away, I advise everyone.”

Daily Care for Hypersensitive and Allergy-Prone Skin Toleriane Ultra Fluide, La Roche-Posay

Toleriane Ultra Fluide
Toleriane Ultra Fluide

The formula based on thermal water, neurosensin, shea butter and squalane moisturizes and soothes oily and combination skin prone to allergies.

Feedback by Users

  • Tatiana: “My skin is hypersensitive, after winter it became very vulnerable. On the advice, I bought myself a mask from a cheap one, as a result – an allergy. I started looking for a new cream to match the makeup, moisturize, not be a pancake on my face and not give unpleasant sensations. According to the reviews, I liked Toleriane Fluide, ran after him to the pharmacy, applied it in the evening and realized that it was bliss for the skin! “

Moisturizing Cream with Anti-Stress Effect Hydra Zen, Lancome

Lancome Hydra Zen
Lancome Hydra Zen

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, ceramides seal moisture, Chinese peony, moringa and French rose extracts soothe and provide a sense of comfort. The hypoallergenic formula contains hyaluronic acid, carrageenan and aquabioril. Intensively moisturizes the skin, restores its radiance.

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  • Angela: “Great cream, I’m very happy! This is not the first time I have bought Vichy creams and will continue to use them.”
  • Maria: “Thanks for the product, it helped me a lot. Light texture, moisturizes the skin well, there is no discomfort! “
  • Christina: “I am absolutely delighted with the cream. I tried other creams of the brand, but stopped exactly on this one. Combination skin, sometimes peeling. Thanks to this cream, everything is just perfect. “

Night spa treatment mask for intensive hydration Aqualia Thermal, Vichy

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic hydration
Aqualia Thermal Dynamic hydration

Apply a product with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aquabioril and nourishing shea butter an hour before bedtime to eliminate the risk of morning swelling. The next day, the skin looks hydrated and rested. A couple of times a week, the cream can be used as a moisturizing and nourishing mask, applied in a thicker layer.

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  • Rose: “Wonderful night cream! I have combination skin. The cream perfectly moisturizes, pleasant in texture, there is no oily sheen. “
  • Svetlana: “Awesome cream! I suffered for a long time with my skin, dry and irritated, prone to flaking and sensitive. Having tried the spa treatment once, I was so surprised that I simply cannot afford to apply any other creams on my face. “
  • Ekaterina: “Honestly, I have not received such a result as from this product on my skin from any cream. I have dehydrated, dry and, in addition, sensitive skin. “

Intensive Moisturizing Regenerating gel Hydrating B5 Gel, SkinCeuticals

B5 Gel SkinCeuticals
B5 Gel by SkinCeuticals

A powerful moisturizing and toning complex: hyaluronic acid, NMF (natural moisturizing factor) and regenerating vitamin B5 – literally transform the skin, returning it to a healthy look.

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  • Svetlana: “My favorite serum! Perfectly moisturizes, quickly absorbed, the skin is perfectly softened. The face is fresh and rested. “
  • Gaide: “Magic serum! I love her very much! Perfectly moisturizes and brightens the skin. “
  • Elena: “Serum in a convenient package, economical, three drops are enough for the whole face. Moisturizing is wonderful. It also suits my husband well, who does not recognize creamy textures, but uses this product every day, since it does not shine on the skin. “

Night moisturizing mask Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, Kiehl’s

Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque
Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

Intensive moisturizing at night is provided by a formula with glycerin, extracts of Japanese ophiopogon (Japanese lily of the valley), imperata cylindrical. Thanks to its prolonged action, the skin remains well hydrated throughout the day.

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  • Larisa: “The mask really moisturizes deeply, for my dry skin this is a godsend!”
  • Ekaterina: “This is my must-have, mask number 1 in my collection. The consumption is very small, it was enough for me for 7 months of constant use. Removes peeling at once, the skin after it is super-moisturized.
  • Izar: “The mask is my first purchase of Kiehl’s cosmetics. I decided to try the brand, it has a lot of good reviews, but the price bites. I don’t regret it; the skin looks better”.

Aqua-fluid For the Face “The Genius of Hydration”, L’Oreal Paris

Hydra Genius
Hydra Genius

The product is instantly absorbed and deeply moisturizes the skin thanks to purified water, hyaluronic acid and aloe juice.

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  • Olga: “The coolest thing! For oily skin, that’s it! It is absorbed immediately, does not leave a greasy shine, moisturizes well, does not stick. Anyone who normally treats face products with fragrances, feel free to take it.”
  • Ksenia: “It moisturizes quite well, but I would like it better. Absorbed completely, even by my capricious skin. “