NIVEA Men Takes Care of The Beard and Skin

NIVEA Men Takes Care of The Beard and Skin

You know how much I love my beard and I like to take care of it. Being bearded does not mean being neglected. It is essential for me to have a beautiful beard maintained so as not to look like Robinson. A poorly groomed beard immediately makes it neglected and this is not at all the expected effect. I am always on the lookout for new products (mainly beard face cleansing gel) that will help me maintain my beard. So, when NIVEA Men offered me to test the range of products for the care of the beard and skin, I did not hesitate a second.

NIVEA Men Takes Care of All Bearded

Beard has become more than just a trend. Beyond the hipster look, the beard is almost a philosophy and especially a fashion accessory like a haircut could be. She tells things about our personality and she also help to assert certain points of our face. For my part, I find that the beard gives me more charisma and in my previous jobs, it helped me to assert myself with some people. It is not for nothing that 78% of under 35 years old wear a beard and 92% of men from 25 to 34 years old. This means that the beard has conquered many of us.

Take Care of Your Beard and Skin

This is a point that I raise regularly and that you need to know well now but as the phrase says: “it always gets better by saying it again”. Taking care of your beard also means taking care of your skin. Conscientiously moisturizing your beard will not be enough to maintain it. It is necessary to take care of the skin that is below and that necessarily breathes a little less well with the beard. If the skin is poorly maintained, then your beard, will not be as beautiful as it could be. The hairs will be damaged and the result will not be at all at the rendezvous.

It is therefore important to thoroughly clean your skin, moisturize it, and also nourish the beard hairs to achieve a consistent result.

This is one of the points that has me most in the range of Nivea Men’s beard products. They actually offer a beauty routine that takes care of the skin and beard. They have developed care that meets the different maintenance needs and especially for all types of bearded.

To Every Bearded, Your Beauty Routine With NIVEA

Whether you are shaved closely, have a 3-day beard, a short beard or a long beard like me, NIVEA Men meets every need.

For 3-Day Beard

For those who sports a beard of 3 days, NIVEA Men offers a treatment quite suitable to protect the skin and the emerging beard. This treatment allows to meet the requirements of those who navigate between close shave and small beard, it combines thus: aftershave, facial and beard care. This makes it possible to limit the products in the bathroom and simplify its morning routine. It moisturizes face and beard in a single product. It soothes possible itching due to shaving, hair growth and softens them so that they are as rough as possible.

Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash, 6.7-ounce (Shea Butter)
Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash, 6.7-ounce (Shea Butter)

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For Short Beard

For men who have a small beard to care for, NIVEA Men has the right care. We start with a beard & Face Cleansing gel to effectively clean the skin and beard without drying out. This treatment allows to remove all impurities that can camouflage in the beard and thus stick to the face. Its small plus is that it helps to relieve possible itching.

Beard & Face Cleansing Gel-NIVEA Men
Beard & Face Cleansing Gel-NIVEA Men

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After cleansing the skin and beard, we switch to hydration with the beard & face special short beard care. When you have a short beard (whether you shave on the sides or not), you often have itching and you have to sufficiently moisturize both the skin and the hair, this care allows all this. It softens the hair and relieves the skin thanks to the soothing effects of chamomile and witch hazel.

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For Long Beard

Just like the short beard, we start by cleaning with the same Cleansing gel I told you about just above. It is suitable for all hair lengths. On cleaning no need for different products to care for short beard or long beard. On the other hand, when one has a long beard, the hairs being longer, they need a more specific care: Beard Oil. This allows to soften the hairs that tend to be very rough and leave a soft feeling especially when you kiss your half or simply when you kiss someone. Do not want to leave a piquant impression around you?

This beard oil will soften and soften your beard thanks to soybean oil – which has nourishing virtues and burdock root-which moisturizes.

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Testing Nivea Men Products

For my part, I chose to test the product range for the long beard, namely the beard & Face Cleansing Gel and Beard oil. I’ll tell you everything here.

My Product Reviews

After using the Cleansing Gel, I really felt that my skin was clean and clean. There is a feeling of freshness and very pleasant purity. My small itching was soothed, which allows less redness on the face. The smell of the product is pleasant but does not remain after its use, which does not hinder the smell of my perfume.

Regarding Beard Oil, what marked me is the ease of use. Normally, the oil is often in small vials but as a result, the NIVEA Men format makes it easy to use. We don’t mess around. I can easily apply some on my hands and massage my face and beard hair to apply it in depth. The smell here is completely neutral and the oil is very quickly absorbed. I don’t feel like I have a fat beard and that’s super important because when you have a long beard, you tend to often touch it, comb it and if it’s all fat, it’s really not nice. So, I can comb it before putting beard oil to untangle and then without having it everywhere.

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5 Reasons to Use Nivea Men Products

  • Products adapted to all needs and all beards.
  • A really interesting value for money.
  • Moisturizing and softening treatments.
  • No greasy feeling after application.
  • Protect sensitive skin.
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