Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look

Today we’ll talk about “nude lip makeup and nude lipsticks” in this post. Nothing draws attention to a woman like her lips, and it has always been that way. The charming lips of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot drove men crazy and made millions of girls around the world dream of the same. A little later, attention was drawn to the sensual images of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansen.

Now naturalness is in vogue. Bright, defiant shades no longer attract but rather repel. Therefore, I will tell you how to make nude lip makeup.

Fashion for Nude Lips

Over the past few seasons, the trend towards naturalness has dominated fashion shows. Natural eyebrows, slightly messy hairstyles, nude lips are in fashion. All these trends result from a universal desire for natural makeup, supported by famous makeup artists.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

This fashionable trend is actively promoted by media personalities, for example, the American reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Her talented makeup artist and part-time friend Mario Dedivanovich made the model the ambassador of the nude style in makeup. Kim has even released her line of lipsticks, which includes 11 nude shades.

Another famous person who successfully uses the nude is star makeup artist Achimyan. She works with the Kardashian sisters as well as J. Lo. There is no doubt that her famous clients advertise the natural style of makeup as well as possible.

Nude Lipstick Shades

Nude lip makeup completes a beauty image made in any style (“naked” face or emphasis on the eyes). But it happens that the wrong shade spoils everything.

First, you need to determine which lipstick tones are nude. These are by no means beige, reminiscent of concealers and foundations. Lips that merge into a single whole with the face are more suitable for a fashion catwalk than real life.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

The shade of nude lipsticks is close to the natural color of the lips (more to pinkish rather than beige). Moreover, the tone is slightly richer and more expressive. The main thing here is to adhere to the rule: lips seem to be mine, only prettier. In this regard, it is impossible to single out any universal natural shade that suits absolutely everyone.

When choosing nude lipstick and the color of the lips, it is necessary to consider the tone and tone of the skin. If the lipstick is very dark, it will look brown, which is entirely unacceptable for girls of the Scandinavian type. If you choose to light a shade, you risk becoming like a zombie.

Types of Nude Lipsticks

Nude (translated from English nude – “naked”) has recently begun to denote flesh color. Nude lipsticks are usually made in pastel colors. They can be produced in a wide variety of formats.

The most popular and familiar type of lipstick is a stick with a twisting mechanism. This cosmetic product is easy to apply. In addition, it contains substances that care for the skin.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Liquid nude lipsticks, which are applied with a soft compact applicator, are no less in demand. In liquid form, matting cosmetics, gloss, glossy lip varnishes are produced. Thanks to their texture, these makeup products are soft and evenly distributed. However, to apply them neatly, you must have specific skills or pre-outline the boundaries of the lips with a contour pencil.

Sticks are pencils with a delicate texture that have an excellent moisturizing effect.

Rules for Choosing A Nude Lipstick

The photo above shows nude lip makeup that all girls can use. It is essential to choose the available image correctly, not to highlight the eyes and eyebrows too much.

Women often ponder which shade of lipstick they prefer to match the tone of the face, hair color, eyebrows, and clothes.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

When looking for the perfect shade, you must be guided by specific rules:

  • First of all, you need to determine the tone of the face and then choose the tone of nude lipstick. Distinguish between warm and cold undertones of the face, which affect the choice of cosmetic. If a girl has a cold skin tone, then lipstick should match it. Otherwise, an ugly sharp transition will be noticeable due to the different shades of the face and lips.
  • The shade of the cosmetic should be in harmony with the natural tone of the lips. Light-colored lips will not work with lighter lipstick colors, as they will appear very pale and vulgar. If the lipstick is chosen incorrectly, after applying it, the lip color has lost its naturalness.
  • For blondes with a porcelain complexion, choose beige lipstick for nude makeup. In this case, the pink scale is also suitable, complementing the image as a whole while making it more expressive and attractive.
  • For brunettes with a beige complexion, nude lip makeup in pink or peach tones is suitable. It will make the image softer and more beautiful.

Lipsticks of beige, pink, coral colors are ideally combined with an olive skin tone. The cosmetic product mustn’t be lighter than the natural skin tone of the face. Otherwise, it will look unaesthetic and ugly.

The overall makeup result will depend on the right lipstick. A nude shade will help avoid a too bright and vulgar look.

Makeup Artist Tips on How to Do Nude Lip Makeup?

Lips with a natural effect are easy to apply. It is essential to choose the right cosmetic products.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Nude Lip Makeup Step by Step:

Gentle exfoliation. As a rule, women think that this procedure is necessary before applying bright lipstick. However, to get neat and beautiful makeup using nude lipstick, preliminary preparation is also required.

With the help of some shades (except for nude pigments), you can hide excessive dryness and damage to the skin. Before applying the tone, exfoliate to smooth the lips and remove dead skin cells.

Lip augmentation with unique cosmetics. It should be done using professional means that are safe since they have passed mandatory certification.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to the lips. As a base for a nude tone, a foundation is optimal. The tool will help the lipstick last longer, make the lips colorless, thanks to which the shade of decorative cosmetics will be more expressive and saturated. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of tone applied.

Designate the lip contour in dark color. This technique allows you to create the appearance of a shadow and gives the lips a visible bulge. You can use shades of brown, plum, and other colors that add contrast.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

It ideally visually increases the volume of a gray pencil. Women need to draw the contour of the lips, shade it, and then fill it with lipstick of a lighter tone. It is important to remember that the lips are expanded only at the top and bottom in the middle. Professionals advise against adjusting the contour on the sides.

Apply lip liner. It is imperative to apply a permanent pencil that matches the lipstick tone to even out the tone. It is allowed to use a pencil of approximately the same shade as the color of the lips.

Use dense nude lipstick shades. The tone of the chosen cosmetic product should depend on the overall image. You can adhere to a simple rule: the lipstick color is 2–4 shades darker than the lips’ natural shade. And it doesn’t matter whether the lips are nude or glossy; the choice is for the woman.

Apply the correct nude shade. If the color of the lipstick is chosen correctly, the lips will look voluminous and expressive. A very dark tone accentuates this detail too much, and a light tone, as it were, erases (the lips merge with the general background). In addition, the natural complexion affects visual perception.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Apply a gloss that enhances the effect. It is necessary to use it in the center of the lips to shimmers in the light, thereby adding volume. Some cosmetics have additional unique super properties. In this case, look for the word volumizing on the packaging.

According to experts, to make lips more voluminous, you need to use nude makeup. Makeup artists recommend applying lip glosses, tingling plumpers, tints to the lips. These funds will help to increase the volume significantly.

The right finishing touch. It is important to correctly choose the shade of nude lipstick, which depends on the entire makeup as a whole. To avoid overloading the image, bright makeup on the eyes should be complemented by delicate nude lipstick. Pink blush on the cheeks will perfectly refresh the beige tone of the lips. It is advisable to maintain proportions, and all shades should complement each other.

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Life Hacks for Nude Lip Makeup

Every day, all women use lipstick and gloss. Often, the movements for applying this makeup are so verified and perfected that a girl can blindly apply makeup. There are many helpful life hacks invented by professional makeup artists, with the help of which something new is introduced into everyday makeup.

Nude Lip Makeup - The Secret of A Natural Look
Nude Lip Makeup: The Secret of A Natural Look

Thanks to these techniques, lip makeup adds holiday elements to the everyday image:

  • Using a concealer allows you to reshape the natural contour of your lips. In addition, this technique helps to enhance the color of the lipstick.
  • Testing lipstick shades to find the most suitable one is best done not on the surface of the palm but the pads of the fingers since the skin in these places is very similar to the skin of the lips.
  • If you use catchy, bright, and rich lipstick shades for makeup, spectacular and voluminous accessories can not be worn. Lips will serve as an accent in an ideal image in a minimalist style.
  • If you like beige and neutral tones, but they do not match your skin color type, apply on the lips (over the beige tone) in the center with a red lipstick with a transparent texture and blend. Then the makeup will become more expressive and take on a finished look.
  • To visually lift the outer corners of the lips, after applying the base color, it is necessary to use concealer on the skin of the lips and around their outer corners.

Fashion ombre lip makeup can be done with just one nude lipstick color. You need to purchase a dark lip liner, mark the outer contour, and fill in the inner corners. It is essential to avoid hard lines and carefully shade the dark color. At the top, a nude shade is applied.

Do not forget that naturalness and naturalness are in trend today. Don’t use heavy makeup for a daytime look.