Pedicure: My Complete Test and Detailed Review of Abody Electric Foot Grater

Abody Pedicure Feet Electric Grater Review

The feet are often left-behind in terms of maintenance, and yet they support us all day. They deserve to be taken care of and a regular pedicure especially allows you to have pretty petons in your summer shoes. Abody pedicure is a electric foot grater, which will get rid of the horn and calluses under your feet.

I give you my opinion on this electric foot grater in this detailed test. Quality of manufacture, use and of course efficiency, I tell you everything you need to know before placing an order. This is an Amazon’s Choice product, which is very successful and receives only very positive reviews. No suspense, I give it a very good rating too.

Abody Pedicure Review
Abody Pedicure Review


My Rating

Low price, but very good performance. This Abody pedicure electric foot grater is very simple to use and allows you to effectively maintain your feet. It is very good material, and we do not ruin, it is perfect.

  • Manufacturing Quality – 8.5
  • Use – 9.5
  • Efficiency – 9
  • Value for Money – 10

Introduction of Abody Pedicure Feet Electric Grater

Abody Pedicure Feet Electric Grater
Abody Pedicure Feet Electric Grater

Abody is an English brand that offers good quality beauty accessories at generally very competitive prices. This pedicure foot grater is indeed sold at a very reasonable price, and it looks strangely like one of its main competitors, the Scholl Velvet Smooth, sold a little more expensive.

The packaging is very good, we have a box where we can store the material after using it, a charger to recharge the device, and two rollers are provided. It is quite complete, and for the price it is difficult to ask more.

The manufacturing quality is really satisfactory. We have an ergonomic handle in “soft touch” material, and a system to replace the sturdy rollers. Note that Scholl compatible rollers are also compatible with the Abody pedicure, so you can order very easily New rollers when necessary. On average, one roll allows 10 to 15 uses.

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Very Convenient to Use

This is a simple, but well-designed device, which facilitates its use. The installation of a roller, or its removal, is very easy. There is a small button on the side that allows you to eject the roller into place.

We hold the device a bit like an electric epilator, and press the single button in the center to turn it on. There are two speeds, just press one more time to trigger the fastest speed. Personally, I think that the first gear is not necessarily useful, the faster it turns and the more effective it is.

Especially since there is no risk of injury or irritation of the foot, if pressed too hard, the roller stops turning. So, we work smoothly, it’s never painful. The use is really pleasant, as soon as you understand that it is not necessary to press. But just take your time, then we redraw our feet and give them a second youth.

The big highlight of this electric foot grater is that it runs on battery while being more compact than its competitor CareMe foot grater. No need to provide batteries that are replaced too regularly. You just have to think carefully to recharge the device with the cable provided. It takes about 4 hours for a full charge (it’s a bit long). We will be able to use our Abody pedicure for almost 1 and a half hours at full power.

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Very Effective for Feet Pedicure

There are two rolls in the packaging and one can find on the market 3 different types of rolls, with more or less fine grains. Here, originally, there is a thick-grained black roller to get rid of a fairly consistent horn, and a white roller for more daily use, for the maintenance of your feet.

It is not a sander, so it takes a few seconds to remove the skin and it will have to soften the latter beforehand. For this, it is enough to make a small warm bath for our feet, let them stand 15-20 minutes inside, and our electric grater Abody will work much more efficiently.

It works really well if you use it correctly and do not throw yourself immediately, dry, on a foot that has never received the slightest pedicure. After a good hot bath, it works perfectly, and you get brand new feet, all beautiful.

Abody Pedicure
Abody Pedicure

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My Opinion About the Grater for Feet Pedicure Abody

When I received this foot grater, I really needed a good pedicure. I had worn boots most of the winter, and I often stand up for my job. My heel was very dry, with a beautiful horn, and the entire contour of my feet needed a good care. Especially since spring was already here and I had planned to get out of the open shoes.

As a result, this test fell to point and I was absolutely not disappointed by this pedicure Abody. Its grip is pleasant, we necessarily appreciate its operation on battery, so much more convenient than batteries, and it is above all very efficient. The two rollers provided are of good quality, and in a few minutes of use, I already had very soft feet.

The price is great, and I have not read any reviews about too short a life of the product. For less than $22 (check the price here), so we can remove our horn and take care of our feet regularly at home. If you have a small budget, and even if you have the means to buy more expensive. I really advise you to test this electric foot grater, which does a great job!

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Quick Tips by Experts

Should My Beauty Product Be Rinsed Before Sorting?

Should My Beauty Product Be Rinsed Before Sorting?

We sometimes hear that it is important to clean the plastic or glass packaging that we sort, but what is it really about? Common sense or real necessity? Here is the answer:


No need to make the suspense last longer. No, it is not necessary in any case to rinse the beauty products that you are going to drop into the sorting tray. However, it is recommended to empty your bottles well even if they are under water to make sure to remove the remnants of products. But only in order not to contaminate the bins and avoid odors. This is also the reason why it is also recommended to make sure to close the beauty products you are sorting. It is not useful to clean your packaging before throwing it away for a good and simple reason. Once arrived at the recycling center, the waste will be thoroughly washed.