Pedicure at Home: Can We Do Perfect Pedicure at Home?

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Pedicure at Home

Knowing some secrets and simple rules, you can turn a pedicure at home into a comfortable and relaxing procedure. In this article we’ll discuss – ‘can we do perfect pedicure at home?’ A woman always strives for perfection. A real lady knows that a pedicure is needed not only during hot weather and open summer shoes. A quality result available only to professionals? Not at all, beautiful and well-groomed nails and feet, this is a completely doable task, for the implementation of which it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon.


Required Tools for Pedicure at Home

Any woman, regardless of whether she resorts to the help of specialists or treats her legs herself, has manicure accessories in her arsenal. To make a quality pedicure at home, tools should be prepared in advance. You will need:

  • Tweezers, wire cutters, scissors.
  • Orange sticks.
  • Polishing pumice stones for feet.
  • Files with different grain sizes for nails.
  • Basin, cream, sea salt, towel.
  • Nail polish.
  • Cuticle remover.

This is an indicative list and may vary based on your needs. But in general, every girl has these tools.

Types of Pedicure

The modern beauty industry knows many new products, but there are two main types of pedicure: hardware and classic (edged). They are used most often. Which one to choose is personal preference.

Hardware pedicure has its advantages. The special machine has different attachments that can remove rough skin and polish it even in the most difficult to reach places. This significantly reduces the time it takes to process the feet. The disadvantages include the cost of a set of nozzles and the device itself. But it should be borne in mind that this is a long-term investment.

Classic manicure is more familiar and affordable. A set of tools does not require special costs, only skills that come with experience.

Let’s Start the Procedure

A proper home pedicure should start with steaming your feet. You can add bubble bath or simple shower gel to a basin of water. For a more tonic and relaxing effect, use aromatic oils and sea salt. Keep your feet in the bath for at least 20 minutes. This stage will prepare the skin and nails for further processing and will cheer you up, because this part of the procedure is very gentle, warming and pleasant. When we do a pedicure at home, it turns into a real spa procedure.

Next, you can start removing the cuticle and shaping the nails. Dry your feet with a towel. With the help of nippers, you need to remove the cuticle. Avoid cutting too much and grabbing the skin deeply to avoid injury. If, after processing the burrs, suppuration or abscess appears, the wound must be immediately treated with an antiseptic. When the cuticle is dry and difficult to remove, a special gel can be used. The remover is applied to the skin and kept for about 10 minutes. Next, using a spatula at the end of a wooden stick, remove the remnants of the cuticle.

When the cuticle is in order, you can do your nails. The excess length is cut with scissors. A square shape works best for toenails. It will protect the nails from ingrowing.

Each nail must be polished and filed using files with different levels of hardness. After that, they will become smooth and pleasant to the touch. The nail plate should have an aesthetic length that will allow you to wear varnish and at the same time will not look pretentious and sloppy.

Skin of The Feet

Pedicure at Home
Pedicure at Home

Particular attention should be paid to the skin of the feet. Especially girls with a tendency to get rough blisters. The heels and the entire foot are treated with pumice. A double-sided file is ideal for polishing. It has a comfortable grip and varying degrees of roughness. One harder to remove corns and smoother to soften the skin. It ensures that there is no roughness.

After polishing, you need to apply a nourishing cream to the skin. If you have to paint your nails with varnish, then this stage should be postponed to last.

Varnish and other decorative nail decorations are the final stage. Here you can give free rein to imagination. Modern women of fashion love shellac. This is a comfortable coating that stays on nails for a long time. Many girls do gel polish at home without resorting to the services of a beauty salon.

How Beautiful to Make A Pedicure?

Very simply, a real highlight will be varnish in bright red shades. He always looks impressive. For a more delicate option, a classic jacket is suitable.

When the nail design is ready, you can apply the cream to the feet.

After all the manipulations, it is good to spray on the legs a special deodorant with mint oils. It has a pleasant aroma and a chill effect. Such care will be relevant after a hard day when your legs are tired and tense.

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Nuances of Hardware Pedicure

Hardware pedicure includes all the same elements. Only scissors and files are no longer needed. Legs should also be steamed. After that, for each section, its own nozzle of the required size is selected and the speed of revolutions on the machine is set. It is better to start at low speeds so as not to injure the skin.

This is where the differences between the hardware pedicure and the classic end. Convenience lies in the fact that the device replaces many manicure accessories.

When deciding to switch to this type of pedicure, you need to pay attention to the choice of the machine. Professional models are used in beauty salons. They differ in power and number of attachments. Home versions give lower quality results.

Getting a pedicure at home is not difficult at all. Constant training will allow you to achieve the same result as in a beauty salon. At home, the procedure can be given more time. A pedicure from a master also has its advantages. It is convenient when you are too lazy to do the processing yourself. In addition, a professional can always give practical advice on the choice of accessories and foot care products. But a real lady should be able to do a pedicure herself, because sometimes there is simply no time to visit a beauty salon. And the legs should always have a brilliant and neat look.