Pedicure Gel Polish: The Technology of Applying Gel Polish at Home

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Pedicure Gel Polish

Pedicure gel polish is very popular. Gel polish is considered a more advanced form of polish that has a gel base. The procedure will require special materials and an ultraviolet lamp. Despite this, applying it at home is a big cost savings. The assembled set of procedures will last for a whole year, even if you do manicure and pedicure. It is estimated that a starter kit for carrying out the procedure at home will pay off after the 3rd application of varnish.


Why Pedicure Gel Polish?

In recent years, many girls have chosen this particular material due to a number of advantages:

  • Durability of the coating. If you follow the recommendations of a specialist and for the first time avoid contact with hot water for 48 hours, then the coating will last 14-21 days. Do not leave the coating for more than three weeks purely from an aesthetic point of view, because the transition from regrown nails will be noticeable.
  • Under the influence of a UV lamp, the coating dries rather quickly, unlike ordinary varnish.
  • After such a coating, the nails grow back faster and become stronger, but when building it is the opposite.
  • Gel polish is applied even on short nails, giving the hands a neat look.
  • The price for a pedicure gel polish will also please, which corresponds to the expected effect.

Features of the Procedure

Pedicure Gel Polish
Pedicure Gel Polish

In modern conditions everything is possible. Without the help of a salon specialist, you can apply a full-fledged manicure. It is possible to carry out the procedure at home and at the highest level, while purchasing the necessary materials, of high quality and not so expensive. All of them are presented in specialized stores and pharmacies.

Avoid cheap coatings that can damage your nails. After all, not only beauty is important, but also health. In parallel with the manicure procedure, consider what products will help to strengthen nails, which will avoid fragility and delamination.

Before proceeding with the procedure for applying gel polish, you need to do a hygienic manicure. Remove the cuticle, if it has not grown too much, then simply push it back with an orange stick. Oil can be applied to soften.

Procedure Steps

In order for the varnish to hold well, the nails must be polished, a buff is used for this. In the salon, a special abrasive material is used for the procedure, but at home you can save money and use a file for polishing. The end result will be the same.

To maximize adhesion, treat the nail with a de-greaser, paying special attention to the lateral portions of the nail. Apply the product to your nails and let it absorb. All kinds of dirt and dust can be easily removed, for example, natural nail prep from entity one.

The base coat cannot be replaced by any means. Among the most popular options is Color Couture Entity One’s Base Coat. In addition to being durable, it is endowed with medicinal properties that have a positive effect on the condition of the plate. The only thing that can be saved in this case is to apply the material in a thin layer.

The comfort of applying the varnish itself is guaranteed by a special brush provided in a bottle with the material itself. Before applying, you need to shake the jar with pedicure gel polish, or as it is also called, shellac. The list of advantages of this coating will be completed by such qualities as hypoallergenicity, economy and a wide selection of colors. It is recommended to apply a thin layer, because a thick one will simply swell when drying. In this case, do not seal the sides and ends.

The drying procedure itself should take 1-2 minutes. Then a second layer is applied and dried in the same way. The second layer will give your nails a deeper and richer shade. This material must be stored at room temperature so that it does not simply thicken.

The final step will be the application of a top coat that dries instantly. But you should not replace it with an ordinary fixative varnish, because at home this option will not allow the coating to last more than two weeks. The coating gives not only a special shine, but also provides strength to the nail plate.

If you need to remove the sticky layer, then you should use a special lint-free napkin, and with it the funds, a regular cotton pad will not work. For the procedure, you can use ordinary acetone, but such a substitute can deprive the coating of its usual shine.

When applying the base, carefully paint over the ends; due to the use of a special lamp, this layer will dry in a minute.

Opt for a 36-watt lamp to speed up the procedure. Lower lamp wattage can cause matte stains to appear on the coating.

The bulbs must be renewed every 3-6 months, otherwise the coating will chip off faster than in two weeks. A pedicure coated with gel polish will look amazing if you follow all the recommendations and nuances of the procedure.

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How to Save?

At home, you can significantly save on the procedure if you replace:

  • means for softening the cuticles with an ordinary edged manicure;
  • professional grinding tool with an ordinary file;
  • means for removing the sticky layer with ordinary acetone or alcohol;
  • proprietary lamp conventional UV lamp.

The procedure for removing shellac has its own nuances, it can be removed with a single film, if everything is done correctly. As practice shows, many girls create themselves a manicure, pedicure gel polish at home, because it is simple and economical. Moreover, all the tools necessary for this are freely available.