Pool Demand Explodes for This Summer: Here are The New Trends

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Since the end of the containment, the demand for pool estimates has increased by two or even three times. The rush to private pools is explained by the approaching summer season in addition to the risks associated with corona virus. We see that the people want to privatize their large bath! So, this year, what are the big trends in private pool?

Rising Pool Sales

While sales had increased by 11% last summer, it can be seen that since the deconfining, demand for quotes has doubled or even tripled. Of course, not all of them will succeed, but there is a craze for private pools for this year. This market has been strong for several years, but the fear of bathing in society has strengthened the enthusiasm of the French for home pools.

New pool trends are about minimalism, whether it’s underground or above ground pools. In addition, equipped and connected pools are very successful. In 2020, the focus is not on size but on equipment. Three customer profiles stand out since the Covid-19 crisis:

  • Those who wish to make an estimate and who risk not going further.
  • Those who did not plan to install a pool at all but do so in an emergency.
  • People who already had a project in progress who take advantage of it to speed up the process

Pool Trends 2020

Swimming pool trends evolve according to profiles, their wishes, but also the space available. Of course, the hull pool is still topical. There is an increase in grey or black bottom pool facilities. The liners sound a sober and elegant look to the pools thanks to their shiny effect.

Moreover, in the year of the energy transition, ecology is at the heart of the priorities and many French people opt for a natural basin. Chlorine-free, however, it requires much less maintenance than a conventional pool and promotes biodiversity. The principle is to use the power of plants to clean the pool water. In addition to Being Ecological, the natural basin is very aesthetic and blends perfectly into the decor.

Then, for fitness, the emergence of swimming spas is noted. Similar to a pool, this type of pool offers a counter current that allows you to swim without actually moving in space. Generally, the models offer a spa function, so it is the perfect solution to combine sport and relaxation.

In recent seasons, we often see on Instagram and other social networks infinity pools. This type of pool offers incredible views of the mountain, sea or landscape. Of course, water flows against the walls and there is no risk of flooding.

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Finally, we see more and more:

Pools with Transparent Walls: they are usually above ground or semi-buried and have a purely aesthetic side.

Mini-Pools: the size of the gardens is reduced since the new provisions in terms of urban planning, so it is necessary to do with and adapt.

Swimming Corridors: for the more-sporty, the swimming corridor allows to train and gives a very design appearance to the garden.

Pool Trends 2020
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