25 Professional Beauty Secrets

Professional Beauty Secrets

Women work on their beauty every day and hour. And, of course, by trial and error, each of them acquires in this matter their own little, but very effective secrets. In this article we’ll discuss 26 professional beauty secrets and bright side picked up tips for you that will make it much easier to take care of your appearance and will always help you achieve the perfect look.


Manicure Tips

1. Want to dry faster nail polish? Place your toes with your already painted marigolds in a bowl of ice-cold water and the drying time will be significantly reduced.

2. Before applying nail polish, lubricate the cuticles with olive oil. Thanks to this, it will be possible to easily remove the varnish that has got on the skin.

3. If you often need to urgently tidy up your manicure when there is no time for it, always have sparkles in stock. It will be enough to apply transparent varnish on the old manicure, on top – sparkles of a suitable tone – and the nails will immediately transform.

4. If you are using nail decals, such as French manicure, make sure that the edges of the decal always protrude slightly beyond the nail. And do not forget to glue the tips of your nails so that the varnish does not drip.

5. It is very easy to remove small glitter from nails: for this you just need to apply the nail polish remover to a cotton swab, attach it to the nail and wrap it in foil. After a couple of minutes, the glitter will be completely removed.

Hair Care

Hair Care

6. When you apply conditioner to your hair after shampooing, try spreading it all over your hair and letting it dry without brushing it. This will keep your hair tangle-free.

7. When blow-drying your hair, start blow-drying from the hair roots for more volume.

8. When braiding your braids, use styling mousse – even such a simple hairstyle will look much prettier.

9. If your hair is tangled, it is better to start combing it from the ends, gradually rising higher, so you will less injure them.

10. When drying your hair, do not rub it too hard. Hair from this becomes brittle and breaks easily. Use a soft cloth instead of your usual hard towel; an old T-shirt will work too.

11. Dry shampoo or baby powder will save you from excess oiliness at the hair roots. Sprinkle a little on the roots – hair will be clean and lush throughout the day.


12. If you can’t always draw a straight line with eyeliner or eyeliner, don’t despair. Just do not try to draw one line at once, it is unlikely that it will turn out perfectly straight – it is better to make 3-4 small strokes from the middle of the eye line.

13. Before sharpening soft eyeliner and lip liners, keep them in the refrigerator for a while – they will “melt” less during sharpening.

14. Mix dark shadows with lighter ones – such as browns, dark greens and blues with neutral, creamy undertones. These eyeshadow options work well for both evening and daytime makeup.

15. Apply the blush to the cheekbones towards the hairline.

16. Coconut oil is an excellent makeup remover. Wipe off your makeup as usual, dab a little coconut oil on a cotton swab and wipe your closed eyes. The result is wonderful!

17. Sprinkle lipstick on your lips with a matching shade of shade for a longer lasting lipstick.

18. Place a small cardboard business card on your eyelid underneath your eyelashes before using mascara. Feel free to paint your eyelashes with a thick layer and do not worry about the skin of the eyelids getting dirty.

Skin and Body Care

Skin and Body Care

19. Place a small cardboard business card on your eyelid underneath your eyelashes before using mascara. Feel free to paint your eyelashes with a thick layer and do not worry about the skin of the eyelids getting dirty.

20. Be sure to apply a nourishing balm under your eyes: it is most convenient to do this with your ring fingers. The area under the lower lashes will be perfect!

21. In the morning, rinsing your eyes with very cold water or rubbing the area under your eyes with ice cubes will immediately relieve puffiness and your skin will look fresh.

22. Mix together one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of sugar, and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage your lips with this mixture for 5 minutes and then wash off. Do this mask daily and your lips will be amazingly soft and beautiful.

23. Skin inflammation will become less noticeable if ice is applied to the problem area. The slightly frozen drops of “Naphthazarin” narrow the capillaries very well – any pimple will become invisible with this remedy.

24. Do not rush to throw away the face cream you have not used for a long time. It is best to apply it in a thick layer on the heels, preferably at night. Your feet will be surprisingly soft.

25. Try dry scrubbing: Scrub vigorously, but gently, with a dry brush before heading into the shower. The skin will be incredibly smooth.