Purse String Wrinkles: 7 Effective Ways to Remove Purse String Wrinkles

Purse String Wrinkles

The vertical folds around the mouth are called purse string wrinkles because of the resemblance to a purse – a bag for storing tobacco. When the pouch string is tightened, vertical assemblies of tissue are formed, vaguely resembling furrows in the skin around the lips.

Causes of The Appearance of Purse String Wrinkles

Why do purse string wrinkles appear around the mouth? There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • A thin layer of subcutaneous fat in the perioral region;
  • Thin epidermis and few sebaceous glands;
  • Excessive mobility of the circular muscle of the mouth is the result of increased facial activity;
  • Excessive insolation;
  • Malocclusion;
  • Insufficient moisture of the skin;
  • Smoking;
  • Age-related and hormonal changes are leading to a loss of firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.
Causes of The Appearance of Purse String Wrinkles

Unlike other facial muscles, the circular muscle of the mouth is not attached to the bone but only to the dermis. While eating or talking, it is constantly active, so wrinkles in this area begin to appear early enough. The first folds on the skin can be seen as before as 25-30 years old, and by 45-50 years old, they turn into deep grooves.

With a decrease in moisture level in the epidermis, wrinkles and folds can appear even at a young age.

7 Control Methods of Purse String Wrinkles

Several techniques have been developed to eliminate purse-string wrinkles that can be applied both individually and in various combinations.

7 Control Methods of Purse String Wrinkles

1. Biorevitalization. The famous “beauty shots” are designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Intradermal injections of hyaluronic acid help increase the level of hydration several times: each hyaluronate molecule can attract and bind up to 1000 water molecules.

After a course of procedures, the skin’s structure improves, the production of protein chains is activated, wrinkles are smoothed out. The effect grows gradually and lasts for several months.

The effectiveness of the procedure has been proven by research. Biorevitalization has been successfully used for skin rejuvenation for many years.

2. Contour Plastics. In this case, preparations based on hyaluronic acid are also used in the form of viscous gels injected under the skin using a thin needle. They are fully compatible with the human body and do not cause allergic reactions.

Over time, the gel fillers dissolve and are naturally excreted from the body. Soft plastic fillers are invisible under the skin. They fill the voids, leveling the skin relief. The result lasts on average for a couple of years, then the procedure can be repeated.

3. Botulinum Toxin Injections. Injections of Botox or its analogs are used to prevent the appearance of folds and eliminate minor defects. Botulinum toxin acts directly on the cause of the formation of folds – the excessive activity of the circular muscle of the mouth. Under the influence of the drug, it relaxes, and the epidermis above it is smoothed.

Accurate dose calculation and masterly precision of injections provide excellent results when correcting vertical folds on the upper lip. This method is usually not used on the lower lip.

4. Laser Resurfacing. During this procedure, which is comparable in efficiency to surgery, the tissues are heated by a laser. As a result of such a controlled microdamage of the epidermis, regeneration processes are triggered, new cells are formed. Laser resurfacing effectively evens out the skin relief, including in the perioral area.

5. Fractional Laser Thermolysis. The technique works on the same principle as laser resurfacing, but it is considered more delicate due to a point effect on the epidermis. The growth of new cells is stimulated, tissue renewal, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

6. Mesothreads. Mesothreads made of biodegradable material are inserted under the skin. They form a framework that supports the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The skin is saturated with moisture, becomes firm and elastic, the surface of the epidermis is leveled. A natural collagen framework is formed around the threads, which remains even after the Mesothreads are absorbed.

7. Chemical Peeling. Exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis allows you to renew the skin, making its surface smoother. With the help of surface peeling, you can get rid of shallow wrinkles; median peels are recommended to eliminate deep wrinkles.

What procedures, in what combinations in what sequence to carry out, the cosmetologist will determine after an internal examination. The doctor will develop a plan for eliminating purse string wrinkles and select the most effective methods depending on the patient’s individual characteristics.

It is worth recalling that both injection and hardware procedures can be carried out only in the clinic. They must be performed by a qualified cosmetologist who has the appropriate certificates.

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Home Care to Avoid Purse String Wrinkles

Unfortunately, if purse-string wrinkles have already appeared, it will not be possible to cope with them at home. In the early stages, moisturizing can help, but such care is inferior to professional in terms of effectiveness. But, if you do the prevention yourself, you can prevent the appearance of grooves on the lips.

Home Care to Avoid Purse String Wrinkles

What is Needed for This?

Quit smoking completely. No wonder the second name of purse-string wrinkles is “smoker’s wrinkles.” They appear not only due to the tension of the circular muscle, but due to the negative effect of nicotine, under the influence of which the skin becomes dry and thin, and blood circulation is impaired.

Don’t get carried away with chewing gum. It is enough to chew it for 5 minutes after eating to protect the tooth enamel. Constant chewing leads to muscle overstrain and wrinkling.

Protect your face from the sun and temperature extremes. Do not forget about creams with sunscreen filters that protect thin skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Proper home care. Daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin around the mouth will prevent it from drying out and preserve its youth for a long time. It is best to use cosmeceutical products (pharmacy cosmetics) recommended by a beautician.

Watch your facial expressions. No, no, you don’t have to walk around with an impenetrable face, impersonating a poker player. It is enough to relax your lips more often, squeeze and curl them less, and make disgruntled make-ups. And it is better to drink less through a straw.

The sooner you start preventing the formation of purse string wrinkles, the longer it will take before they appear. If purse string wrinkles appear – it doesn’t matter – the cosmetologist will help get rid of them.