How to Decipher the Signage on My Products?

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Recycling Your Glass Perfume Bottle

Even with all the best will in the world, it is sometimes still very complicated to consider yourself unassailable on sorting and recycling, especially when it comes to understanding logos.

Many of these pictograms appear on your packaging but some remain mysterious to you? So, here’s what to do to help you decipher the signage on your products.


Triman logo - Sorting & Recycling Logo
Triman logo – France

Appeared in 2015, the Triman logo will become mandatory on all packaging and recyclable products as well as on the instructions. However, it is not found on the glass, which must also be recycled.


Recycling Logo - RING OF MOBIUS

You must have crossed it as this logo is universal. First appeared in 1970, it means like the Triman logo your product is well recyclable.


Recycling Logo - Green Dot

This is not a recycling pictogram but a mention indicating that the industrialist participates financially in the management of waste in France. This is evidence that the producer or importer has paid his contribution to an approved body responsible for managing the packaging.



The objective of this label is to “promote the design, production, marketing and use of products with a lesser impact on the environment throughout their life cycle”.



Ecocert is an organ of control and certification of products derived from organic farming. It consists of giving a guarantee that the specifications applicable to products, systems or services are strictly adhered to. The issuance of the certificate is a guarantee of security for the user.

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Empty Perfume Bottle: The Cycle of Recycling

Empty Perfume Bottle

A perfume is so personal, precious, it is even so much of you that when your glass bottle empties, it is always with a small pinch to the heart that you throw it away.

What if to alleviate your pain you gave your empty perfume bottle a real Second Life by recycling it? Because you may know how to recycle plastic but not necessarily that glass recycles endlessly. Want to know all about the new life of your perfume bottle? Then discover the cycle of glass recycling.

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Your Role in Recycling Your Perfume Bottle

The magic of glass is that it is 100% recyclable to infinity, from a melted bottle one can thus recreate a brand new one. But for this it is already necessary to start by gathering the glass to be recycled in one place, and that is where you come into play. Do not forget to remove the plastic caps from your empty glass bottles or glass jars (e.g. cream) and place them in the glass recycling bin nearest you. Please note that only glass packaging is recyclable. Kitchen glasses or light bulbs should not be thrown into the glass tray as this may make recycling difficult or impossible.

5 Steps to Recycling Your Glass Perfume Bottle

To better understand how glass recycling works after depositing your empty bottle into the glass tray here are the 5 steps that will lead to its new life. Once in its processing center, the glass will go through several sorting phases before it can be turned into paste.

Step 1: Manual Sorting

Glass packaging will first be sorted manually in order to remove non-glass objects.

Step 2: Optical Sorting

Infusible materials such as capsules, earthenware, porcelain and stoppers are then removed using a laser.

Step 3: Blowing

This step allows you to remove light items such as paper labels. After sorting and blowing, the glass is ground and turned into calcin.

Step 4: The Calcin Is Melted

Calcin is melted in an oven at a temperature of 1400°C, combined with silica, soda, limestone and dyes.

Step 5: Melt the Dough…

… is then passed into a mold where it is blown and then cooled.

The Second Life of Your Empty Perfume Bottle

And now that your perfume bottle is turned into glass paste, it remains only to offer it a whole new life. It can thus take the form of a bottle, jar, jar or other glass bottle.

The only limit in recycling this perfume bottle?

Color. As you noticed, in the collection tray all colors are mixed (brown, green, transparent). This mixture can therefore only give life to a colored glass, which is why a complementary sorting to separate the tinted glasses from the transparent glasses is made in the sorting centers, for the manufacture of a colorless glass.