Combining Well-Being and Pleasure with A Romantic Couple Massage

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Romantic Couple Massage

Need a moment of relaxation, to rekindle the flame in your couple or just to create a moment of intimacy and complicity? When wellness and pleasure pair with romantic couple massage, you are guided to finish your evening with two.

Create the Right Mood

Everything starts with a good atmosphere, and therefore a room conducive to relaxation. Carry out storage if necessary, especially do not neglect the visual appearance of your room. To be comfortable both, prefer the bed, more comfortable. It offers more freedom in movements and choices of massage techniques.

Warm and intoxicating atmosphere, pleasure is at the rendezvous, but your senses will be all the more stimulated if you use the right oils. Opt for effective essential oils and good accessories for a truly romantic massage.

If your room is too cold, you can light candles, fragrant or not. The warmth and ambient scents stir the senses.

Do not forget to put music. Choose together a soft and relaxing music or your playlist of calm songs.

Your goal is to be able to relax and escape to music.

If you want a different setting from everyday life, try new places for a successful romantic evening.

The Parts of Body to Massage

First of all, warm your hands with massage oil. It is better to proceed your massage in order for an integral massage.

Your partner lying on his stomach, gently massage his neck and shoulders.

Slowly descend along the back, slightly strengthening the pressure. Pass well through the shoulder blades and the middle of the back.

When you get to the lower back, gently insist on the hollow of the kidneys and slowly go up. You can use your forearms or elbows to exert stronger pressure (without exaggerating).

You now get to the level of the thighs and legs. For this part, do not skimp on the oil because the thighs are bulky parts and difficult to take in hand.

Finish with the feet (feet are often forgotten). Outline large circles on the soles of the feet and narrow them little by little. Apply pressure on each toe and between the toes.


Be attentive to each other and watch for signs that show that the partner appreciates what you do. He will not necessarily say in words what he feels. You must detect non-verbal communications.

Take the trouble to ask him if you are exerting the right pressure. Do not hesitate to ask questions (without giving the impression of harassment, only you will know how to do it).

Communication is the key to a successful romantic massage to know whether what is done pleases or not, on which part it is necessary to insist. Your partner must guide you. There is no standard, it’s up to you to find out what pleases the other.

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