How is Sexuality in Senior Citizens?

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Sexuality in Senior Citizens

Pains, arthrosis, chronic diseases, aging of the body are the lot of seniors. Yet it seems that sexual pleasure intensifies after 60 years. So, how is sexuality in senior citizens?

Sex and Health

Menopause in women is a period that can lead to some discomfort. However, loss of libido is not a symptom related to the fall of hormones. Stimulating her libido helps to pass this course. Age-related health concerns, such as high blood pressure or heart problems, are reduced through fulfilling sexuality. In men, problems with erection associated with certain diseases are heard today and finally find various solutions.

New Sexual Pleasures

Aging of the body sometimes leads to a loss of self-confidence. At this period of life, sexual desire is no longer necessarily related to performance. It is centered on sensuality, carnal play. Some people use sex toys or Tantrism to stimulate their libido. Others need time to rediscover the one who has shared his or her life for decades. As for lonely seniors, dating sites are a good way out of isolation after the loss of the loved one.

In the end, the sexuality of seniors is doing just fine, contrary to popular belief. This still remains taboo for their children who do not accept the idea of desire in their aging parents. Surely it will take a few more generations to demystify the eroticism of the elderly.