Skin Pigmentation: Causes, Treatment and Effective Home Remedies

Skin Pigmentation

Different skin pigmentation on the face and body can both beautify and give a certain zest to the appearance, and also hinder the achievement of a beautiful skin tone. In this article we’ll discuss about skin pigmentation, its causes, treatment and most effective home remedies.

Pigmented spots on the face bring considerable discomfort to every woman, because they are visible even under the foundation. Sometimes, even the most persistent and high-quality correctors cannot hide such flaws. In this case, quality care with natural cosmetics, folk remedies and professional procedures will come to the rescue. It is important to remember that it is easiest to overcome pigmentation at the initial stage, since pigmentation can progress and worsen over time, darken and increase in scale.

It must be remembered that it is possible and necessary to fight against age spots. It is important to choose the appropriate natural-based care with acidic substances, regularly use various home remedies to lighten the epidermis qualitatively, and use natural protective agents in the daytime – with SPF. Such comprehensive care will help not only remove such unpleasant defects, but also perfectly protect the skin from their reappearance. Products with SPF factor help to qualitatively protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, which is directly related to the appearance of pigmented areas.

The appearance of various types of pigmentation is a serious problem that must be dealt with quickly and comprehensively. Observing some principles of care, taking into account all the nuances and type of pigmentation, you can not only effectively get rid of it, but also carry out high-quality prevention of age spots. It is important to resort to natural treatment and care to remove pigmentation safely and without harm to the skin. It is natural remedies that will help to whiten the affected areas with high quality and without negative consequences.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin Pigmentation
Skin Pigmentation

Various pigment spots are accumulations of the usual pigment melanin, which is synthesized in the deeper layers of the skin. This color pigment can take on different shades, depending on the genetic characteristics. The spots can take on different shades – brown, bluish, reddish and yellow. The difference in the color of age spots depends on the root cause of the appearance of a particular spot. Acne changes will leave blue marks, deep pimples will leave reddish pigmentation, yellow spots can be caused by chronic diseases and hormonal disruption, and brown pigmentation will clearly indicate the negative effects of the sun.

If an accumulation of melanin has formed in a deeper layer of the skin, the color of the age spot will be brighter. Pigmentation close to the epidermis will have a light and mild shade. It is much easier to combat such pigmentation and, more often, it can be done with the right care based on acids and whitening ingredients. Deep accumulations of melanin are often referred to as hyperpigmentation, and such a defect can be removed only with the help of special procedures.

Reasons for The Appearance of Skin Pigmentation

Reasons for The Appearance of Skin Pigmentation

There are many factors that are strong provocateurs of age spots all over the body. Such factors can be both internal and external. The latter must be fought with the help of cosmetics, as well as high-quality skin care, and the internal causes must be eliminated both outside and inside the body, eliminating the root cause of pigmentation in an integrated way.

External Causes

Deep Acne and Pimples. The appearance of acne and deep purulent pimples is a fairly common cause of pigmentation and stagnant spots. These residual blemishes and cyanotic scars can remain for a very long time without proper care. Aggravates the appearance of post-acne and improperly selected makeup products. Acids in basic skin care will help remove these stains.

Allergic Manifestations. Pigmentation can be caused by a variety of allergens that trigger a variety of rashes. These inflammations often leave persistent age spots and can be treated with acid treatment.

Solar Radiation. For people genetically prone to pigmentation, direct sunlight is one of the bright provocateurs of pigmented areas of the epidermis. It can be not only harmless freckles, but pigmentation on a much larger scale. The sun provokes the production of melanin in the dermis, which is retained in the layers of the skin and manifests itself in the form of various types of age spots. Thus, the skin can react not only to the sun, but also to a visit to the solarium. Such pigmentation spots are especially noticeable in the spring, as in winter the skin loses melanin and the spring sun provokes the immediate appearance of pigmentation.

If you have a tendency to pigmentation in the sun, do not stay in the sun for a long time and hide your hands, face and shoulders from direct rays.

Age Related Changes. It is after 40 years that the manifestation of age spots is possible. They can show up as large brown spots on the face, hands, and back. The manifestation of such pigmentation can be significantly reduced with the help of natural cosmetics, age-related care complex and cosmetic procedures.

Improper Care. Incorrectly selected products, care chemicals and poor-quality care can cause severe facial pigmentation. Such cosmetics destroy the protective barrier and completely do not protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. To avoid such a mistake, you should avoid industrial products with parabens, aggressive pavvas and destructive agents. In particular, alcohol in cosmetics negatively affects the condition of the epidermis, as well as certain types of essential oils.

Internal Causes

It should be remembered that all types of pigmentation caused by external sources can be removed with good natural cosmetics and proper care. But there is also such pigmentation, which is caused by internal factors, namely:

Poor Blood Circulation. Stagnation of blood leads to the fact that the body does not fully remove toxic substances, decay products of many substances and toxins. Such residual effects remain in the body for a long time and come out in the form of pigmentation on the body and in the face.

Heart Disease. Such diseases at the age of 40 years can provoke early age-related pigmentation.

Nervous System Diseases. Diseases of the nervous system are also provocateurs of age-related pigmentation. In particular, metabolism and transmission of nerve impulses deteriorate. Stress and mental disorders negatively affect this manifestation. Such pigment spots can have a wide variety of shapes, colors and types.

Vitamin Deficiency. In particular, a severe B12 deficiency can cause severe pigmentation and darkening of the entire skin. It is B12 that regulates the synthesis of a pigment such as melanin, and can cause serious disturbances. To neutralize such a negative factor, it is worth introducing foods with vitamins A and E into the diet, which deactivate the dark pigment and reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

Slagging. Severe slagging of the intestines can lead to metabolic disorders and cause a significant darkening of the skin.

Hormonal Imbalance. Very often, pregnancy and labor can cause a serious imbalance in a woman’s body and cause severe skin pigmentation. Also, the cause may be problems with the thyroid gland, as well as diseases of the sex glands and gynecological diseases.

Gallbladder Dysfunction. Such a serious defect deprives the liver of essential enzymes, without which it cannot function properly and harmoniously. As a result, cholesterol is formed, which causes significant disturbances in lipid metabolism and clogs blood vessels. Such changes can easily lead to pigmentation, predominantly yellowish in color.

Taking Medications. Some drugs can cause pigmentation. In this case, you should definitely consult with a specialist and choose a drug that does not affect melanin synthesis.

Kidney Disease. Serious kidney problems can cause fairly bright age spots, mostly dark yellow and brown.

In the case of internal factors of pigmentation, it is worth consulting with specialists adjacent to a dermatologist and passing all the necessary tests. Only after finding out the root cause of age spots, you can eliminate them qualitatively, without the possibility of relapse.

Treatment of pigmentation in case of internal causes of its occurrence should be carried out only after consultation with a specialist.

Treatment of Skin Pigmentation & Age Spots

Treatment of Skin Pigmentation & Age Spots

First, you need to determine the reason for the pigmentation. If the causes are external, the treatment should include cosmetic care with natural and safe cosmetics and effective folk or pharmaceutical remedies that will help enhance the effect of the natural care line. For internal reasons, it is worth connecting to such a complex and the treatment of the body, which will relieve the provoking factor. Treatment methods are different, but they will definitely help to qualitatively eliminate such a small defect.

Whitening Products

As such means, pharmacy and very affordable means are used, which include:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • mercury cream;
  • zinc paste.

Such products will help get rid of superficial pigmentation and restore a natural, even tone. They are not only very affordable but also extremely effective. It is worth applying such a remedy clearly on age spots.

Before using such funds, you should definitely consult a dermatologist, as they have their own contraindications. In particular, mercury ointment is unacceptable for use by pregnant and lactating mothers.


Daily care should include natural mild products with acids, botanicals and reliable sun protection. Such funds will even help get rid of hyperpigmentation. Cosmetic products can be selected from the pharmacy. Also, cosmetic treatments from natural products are often connected to cosmetic procedures – phonophoresis and mesotherapy. Such procedures will help to reduce the production of melanin and, in combination with basic care, will perfectly whiten pigmentation.

Nursing Cosmetic Procedures

To get rid of a deep type of pigmentation, it is worth resorting to salon procedures. In particular, such procedures include:

  • chemical peeling;
  • phototherapy;
  • laser peeling;
  • microdermabrasion.

All of these treatments help fight different types of stains. They use a variety of acids that help whiten pigmentation in a quality manner. Laser peeling cannot eliminate deep pigmentation, but it will perfectly cope with superficial ones. The phototherapy procedure will be more effective for these purposes.

It is worth considering that after such procedures, in no case should you be in the sun. Therefore, it is worth making an appointment with a specialist in the cold season, when sun activity is reduced.

If the problem is pronounced, a trichloroacetic acid procedure or laser resurfacing may be involved.

Natural Home Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

Natural Home Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

This method will help not only get rid of pigmentation, but also enhance the effect of natural and pharmaceutical cosmetics. Folk beauty recipes will help whiten your face and consolidate the result. Well-known beauty techniques include:

Lemon Juice + Starch – a combination of such components in the form of a mask will help eliminate pigmented areas in a short time.

Parsley Juice – qualitatively whitens and refreshes the face, as well as evens skin tone.

Cucumber and Lemon Juice – perfectly refreshes the face, destroys the color pigment due to acids in the composition, gently whitens and removes post-acne.

White Clay – by mixing such a product with lemon juice or peroxide, you can get an excellent bleaching agent for an even and beautiful skin tone. This combination will help remove rashes and cope with pigmentation.

Egg White, Clay and Salt – such a mass will help to whiten not only pigmentation, but also eliminate blackheads.

Pepper Mask – will give the face tenderness and a beautiful, even tone. The components of a mask such as sweet pepper and honey will perfectly whiten problem areas and give your face a rested look.

Horseradish + Lemon – this combination perfectly fights pigmentation in the shortest possible time. It is worth applying this mixture only for 10 minutes and only on problem areas. Such a remedy will give the skin softness, whiten age spots and help get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Yeast – mask with yeast and fresh milk will make the skin soft, give the epidermis an even tone and natural radiance.

Fermented Milk Products – due to the acid in the composition, they help remove pigment and lighten the skin.

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Prevention: How to Prevent Skin Pigmentation and Age Spots?

How to Prevent Skin Pigmentation and Age Spots?

There are rules for careful prevention of pigmentation, which you should definitely follow so as not to be exposed to unpleasant pigmentation spots. Recommended:

  • use products with SPF filters;
  • give up sunburn and use a headset at the peak of solar activity;
  • wipe your face with ice and parsley or cucumber juice;
  • refuse to visit the solarium;
  • choose the right acid care;
  • give preference to natural remedies.

How to Hide Pigmentation?

If the pigmentation does not bring any pronounced discomfort, you can simply hide it with the help of special correctors. For this, it is worth considering the possibility of some pigments to neutralize other color pigments. In particular:

  • Bluish spots can be eliminated with a peach tone corrector;
  • The yellow defect is easily hidden under the purple corrector;
  • White pigmentation will be removed with a brown tint;
  • The red defect can be hidden with a green corrector;
  • Brown pigmentation will be hidden by a white tone;
  • The blue defect will easily hide the orange corrector layer.

Skin Pigmentation is a fairly common problem that can and should be dealt with comprehensive care. Including natural cosmetics, pharmacy products, beauty salon procedures and folk methods, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of such a defect as age spots.