Solid Shampoo: Brad Pitt’s Hair and The Carbon Footprint of a Shaolin Monk

Solid Shampoo

If you frequent the pages of the trend Man it is that you are a man who takes care of his hair. With any luck, modern man you are, you are also aware of your impact on the environment. You say to yourself, “I wish I could do something to reduce my carbon footprint and be more eco-responsible”. Only here it is: between your work week, administrative tasks and sessions not as regular as you want to your Favorite Basic-Fit… hard to know where to start. Do not panic, we have the ideal solution (solid shampoo) that will combine the useful with the pleasant!

Solid Shampoos (Or Bar Shampoos for Intimate)

Plastic pollution is quite real, did you know that an average person uses 11 bottles of shower gel and 10 bottles of shampoos a year!? That these bottles contribute to the 300 tons of plastic pollution generated each year (only 10% of it being recycled). In short, solid shampoo would save 550 million plastic bottles per year.

Finally, do you know that the vast majority of bottled shampoos contain sulfated chemicals and detergents (also called surfactants), such as sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate for example. These not only dry your hair and irritate your scalp, but deprive them of their natural oils. This can sometimes hinder a normal hair growth and give them a more-dull look. Even participate in excessive hair loss (called alopecia for scientific souls).

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How Long Does A Solid Shampoo Last?

On the other hand, a solid shampoo bar lasts on average as long as 3 bottles of traditional shampoo (you see the economy over a year? I feel like I’m starting to convince you here!). It contains only natural products that will rid your hair and the skin of your skull of the chemical residues of your latest classic shampoo, it does not contain or very little packaging, it is more easily transportable (passes in the cabin on the plane) then, icing on the cake, there are some for all types of hair. Oily, dry, curly, with dandruff, brittle, etc.

How to Use A Solid Shampoo?

If soaping your head can initially surprise you, it’s actually extremely simple and it quickly becomes fun. Two methods are available to you. The first, very effective: take the soap bread and rub it evenly on your wet hair. A thick foam will quickly form and you will only have to rub and massage your skull as usual. The other option: rub the soap bread in your hands or on a washcloth, until you get a beautiful foam that you will then put on your hair. This technique requires a little more effort.

Pro tip: leave the shampoo for a few minutes on your head (time to wash your body and face for example), to get all the benefits.

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Peculiarity of Solid Shampoo

The famous surfactants mentioned above are actually the substances that make foaming. They are present in all liquid or solid shampoos. The difference is that those present in solid shampoos are natural and harmless (coconut oil for example). On the other hand, they can have a reaction with water and give your hair, after several washes, a slightly waxy texture (which tends to fade once your hair is accustomed).

That is why the second method I just described is sometimes preferred, since Soap bread is not in direct contact with the hair. Nevertheless, do not deprive yourself of the first method, very effective, and simply do a rinse once a week with a solution of 75ml of apple cider vinegar mixed with 50cl of water: “Oula! What do you mean?? you’re starting to scare me with your vinegar stuff! “that’s what you say to yourself, Huh?! Do not panic, if this little process seems tedious it is actually extremely simple, do not take more than a minute and no, does not leave an unpleasant smell. Then you get nothing without effort. Tell yourself that in return for a little extra step you earn this:

  • More money in your pocket,
  • Healthy hair and scalp,
  • A reduced carbon footprint by eliminating an important source of plastic pollution from your daily life.

Here are 3 brands of solid shampoo we tested and reviewed.

The Best: Solid Shampoo Bar with Conditioner

The Bambo-Earth brand is the best in my opinion (at the same time a British brand with Bambo in the name can hardly be mistaken). Choice for all hair types and an authentic reasoned production mode. Everything is done by hand and it can be seen, from the product to the packaging, through the production in limited batches (you will have to provide a little stock if a product you like).

Solid Shampoo Bar with Conditioner
Solid Shampoo Bar with Conditioner

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The Most Eco-Friendly: Lamazuna

Nice brand “safe value” here too. It is very often found in solid shampoo lines whether online, or in-store. Very good Mention for their Zero Waste Goal. The brand offers reasonable alternatives to all our essential products known to be polluting: solid toothpaste, zero-waste shaving kit, water-neutral bamboo cotton swabs. A brand that will continue to make people talk about it without a doubt.

Lamazuna Solid Sampoos
Lamazuna Solid Sampoo

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The Most Virile: Shampoo Bar For Men

It’s nice to talk about rags, but are we guys or what? The USA brand evokes the great outdoors, the wild nature and invites us to reconnect with the Australopithecus that sleeps in us (by staying clean and well combed eh). Only one solid shampoo is in their range, but it’s a heavy weight! Take a look at the rest of their offer, there is something to do, especially if you are bearded, I do not risk big by saying that you will be filled.

Aspen Kay Shampoo Bar
Aspen Kay Shampoo Bar

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Voila! you know everything. So, before you search for haircut, choose your solid shampoo. After your stay at the hairdresser, you will be able to boast of not only a beautiful haircut, but also healthy hair.

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