How to Stay Healthy During the Winter?

stay healthy during winter

Stock up on vitamins and dietary supplements to resist winter diseases or take care of your body to avoid depression and fatigue. Use these tips to stay healthy during winter and without going through the box doctor.

How to Fight Viruses on A Daily Basis?

Clean your hands several times a day, systematically after each visit to the toilet, after you have blown your nose or after visiting a public place (Transport, cinemas, supermarkets…).

Sanitize your home with an antibacterial household product by emphasizing closets and door handles.

Do not heat your home too much. Limit the indoor temperature to 20C to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Renew the air of your home 10 minutes a day.

Stock up on vitamins (A, C, E) and minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium) to boost your immune defences. There are cures available in supermarkets or pharmacies, sold without a prescription.

Get enough sleep and at regular hours. Allow yourself during the day, relaxation times or a recuperative nap, short (no more than 20 min) and not too late (before 14h).

Adopt a balanced diet, rich in fish, meat, cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables, to bring your body the energy and nutrients it needs and avoid certain deficiencies that weaken the body.

Protect your body from sudden temperature changes. Take out a hat, gloves, scarf and large coat to protect yourself from the cold outside. Apply anti-drying creams to the face and hands.

Practice regular sports activity to maintain your tone and activate your metabolism throughout the winter.

Every year thousands of people are vaccinated against the flu virus. To find out how to take care of it, visit the Public Service website

To strengthen your body and boost your defenses during the cold season, find out which foods to promote or which organic herbal supplements to get.

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100% Natural Winter Remedies to Stay Healthy

100% Natural Winter Remedies to Stay Healthy
  • Essential oils of peppermint, niaouli and Cypress: apply in massage on the temples, nape, forehead, to reduce cough and cold.
  • Ginseng: rich in vitamin and minerals, it decreases the sensations of fatigue.
  • Royal jelly: promotes resistance to stress, fatigue, cold and infections.
  • Propolis: acts as a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-fungal.
  • Echinacea: stimulates the immune system.
  • Acerola: provides vitamins and trace elements that have antioxidant properties.

Improve Your Health with Essential Oils

Essential Oils to Stay Healthy

Used preventively as the winter approaches, essential oils of lemon, thyme borneol or Ravintsara, possess anti-infective properties and effectively strengthen the immune defences. Dermally, applying a drop of oil to different places of the body, or orally, in the form of a cure, these products help you fight the most common winter diseases.

Light Therapy: The Remedy for Seasonal Fatigue

Light Therapy

By artificially recreating daylight, the light therapy devices, present in beauty centers and also sold in some household appliances stores, rebounds an organism in lack of sun during the winter.

Using these simple tips you may stay healthy during winter. Happy Winter!

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