Stress and Anxiety: 5 Good Ways to Fight Them

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Yoga and Mediation for Stress and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, parasitic thoughts sometimes result in psychosomatic symptoms: lump in the stomach or in the throat, tension in the back or in the trapezes, migraine, nauseous state, tinnitus, and can generate for example eating and sleep disorders or evolve into attacks of anxiety and sometimes even phobias. So, it is important to know “stop bleeding in time”. So how can we rethink our way of life so that we are no longer subject to the diktat of external pressures? Follow this mini-guide. 🙂

Preserve Your Vitality

Vitality is the shield; it is the guardian of our health. It gives our body abilities of self-repair, self-healing. In all sweet medicines, whether Asian or Western, it is the most valuable asset.

In this society of “fast”, we absorb “physically, psychologically and emotionally” more than we can “eliminate” and it is this “too full emotional” that brings us stress, anxiety, anxiety, depression, even much more serious diseases. So, take the time.

Tame Your Anxiety Attacks

An attack of anxiety or panic is uncontrollable and occurs as a result of a catalyst event, a trigger situation, or sometimes even for no apparent reason. In some cases, the subject feels it coming, in other cases it is sudden. The breath changes, we are cold then hot then we feel sweaty, we feel his heart beat, we are afraid. With the proposed breathing exercises with Sophrology, one learns to unbutton, delay the process or in any case manage it. Through projection, through positive visualization, we boost the ability to cope. Crises spread apart because we know that we have the tools to deal with them. You learn to arm yourself in the face of anxiety situations, and overcome them.

Vent Your Anxiety

Hypnosis and Sophrology are quite effective techniques because they will mobilize the body, mind, breathing. The sophrology for example, allows a re-reading of the situation that generates stress, helps to relax and take back. Through a targeted psycho-corporal work, you can either make certain decisions in serenity, or take distance from the disorder to better tame it later, or turn stress into a motor for your future actions (productive stress).

Be careful, these short and gentle therapies act as a complement to traditional medicine. Unfortunately, it will sometimes be necessary to treat with conventional medicine via anxiolytics and/or antidepressants if the symptoms persist and worsen.

Revise Your Lifestyle

Beyond the accompaniment of short therapies, it will be primarily a question of revising our lifestyles and thinking about life.

And this is based first of all on a good food hygiene, composed of good choices of nutrients and eating habits (stop sugar, fat, industrial and stops compulsions, snack), but also on a good hygiene of life including breathing, gentle physical activities, rest and refocusing, contact with nature and harmonious human relations.

Keep Away the Depression

More and more people suffer from this pathology, the symptoms are diverse: deep sadness, disinterest in everything, fatigue, isolation, weariness, craving for nothing, confinement… where things get complicated is when it is accompanied by attacks of anxiety, panic fears (chemical process that starts in the brain) and short therapies here have limits. Classical therapies are then a necessary passage, but short therapies such as hypnosis or Sophrology offer complementary techniques, where the individual re-appropriates Daily a better life of his ill being. These are participatory techniques, and the relationship with the therapist here is different.

Learn to Manage Your Emotions

The body is the receptacle of our emotions and we somatize them a lot. It is important to have a good management of our thoughts and emotions. This is what causes damage to our metabolism and our ability to self-heal. It is necessary to know how to stay in the measure, in the distancing so as not to be “affected” directly in their “flesh”. Certainly easier said than done, yet your salvation depends on it.

The practice of meditation such as Yoga or Tai Chi are equally interesting. It’s time to free yourself from all your parasitic emotions and thoughts and learn to be benevolent with yourself.