How to Prepare for Summer with Balanced Meals?

Summer Meals

After excesses of raclette, spring is finally here. We can put our winter clothes back in the closet and, why not, take advantage of the changes it brings to set up new habits. Especially since it reminds us that summer is on our doorstep. So how to prepare summer with balanced meals?

Plan for A Better Feast

And yes, it’s no secret to anyone, planning is the key to achieving its goals more easily. So, rather batch cooking or menus established in advance for the week, we will think in particular of menu to shop which allows to plan its menus for the week and to produce its race list. Ingenious!

Cooking at Home is Even Better

Finished the dishes ready. We take advantage of the energy of this new season to spend time in the kitchen and prepare good healthy and balanced meals. Soft cooking (steam, low temperature oven) or, even better, RAW is encouraged to preserve the flavors and benefits of food.

And What Do We Eat?

Of course! Nature doing things right, you will find on the stalls of the early days of what to bring freshness and balance in your plates. In this season, asparagus, cucumbers, radishes, kiwis, rhubarb and grapefruits are among the most popular. We prefer fish, chicken and season everything with olive oil or sesame oil to vary the pleasures. For that is the key word: to have fun!