Corona Virus & Teleworking: Tips for Successful Teleworking

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teleworking or remote work

Working in pajamas at home, in a cafe or in a park (teleworking or remote work) is for some much better than going to the office every morning on public transport or spending a long time stuck in traffic jams.

Under the current circumstances, everyone is confined to their home 24 hours a day. Now teleworking is no longer a choice, but a necessity, and success requires not only discipline, but also a lot of patience to find inspiration and motivation. Below are some tips to help you take advantage of your remote work.

Get Well Organized

Before you start, bring yourself the work computer or your own, a mouse and the rest of the necessary equipment. Download the apps you will need.

Internet Connection

Remote work also requires an internet connection that works well, it is essential to ensure that your internet connection works properly. It is also necessary to remain reachable by phone in order to be able to communicate with your work team as in the office.

Manage Children (If You Have Any)

When home is your place of work and you are a parent(s), you will find yourself confined with the children, and there you need to show patience towards your family and professionalism in relation to your task. Try to entrust the children to your spouse if he or she is available. In the event that you need to keep them yourself, give them something to have fun with, otherwise they will get bored and this will not make the task easier for you.

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Time Management

This depends on the nature of the work you do. Some tasks can only be performed when the whole team is present, even virtually. Others depend only on you. You can keep your work schedules as you do in the company if you need to be reachable during a fixed time range. Otherwise, work flexibly, but keep in mind that you have to establish a fixed working time (if you work 5 hours / day in the office, you have to do 5 hours of work at home too). Plan your work day in a way that is more efficient but not overexploited.

Take Breaks

You will need it, as you are at home all the time in front of the computer, you may forget to take your breaks or even your lunch, which is why you need to manage your time well and give yourself a few minutes break to be able to continue working efficiently.

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Remote work is both a responsibility and a comfort, find your landmarks and stay positive.