4 Truths Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy Planning

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4 Truths Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy Planning

Fortunately, the myth that “you don’t need a lot of intelligence to get pregnant” is long gone. Nowadays, preparing for pregnancy is considered an important stage that should not be left to chance. Here are the main things you need to know about.

Truth One: Know Yourself

Of course, this is not only about the psychological mood and your inner readiness for this important step. It is equally important to learn basic things about your own body. What is your cycle, when the ovulation window comes, were there any hereditary features in the family associated with bearing and conceiving?

We recommend that you install any “women’s calendar” application you like on your smartphone and start tracking your cycle. Also, if possible, talk to your mom and other female relatives about possible family problems.

Truth Two: Take Care of Yourself

It is a little inconvenient to remind of such things in the 21st century, but, nevertheless: it is better for conception to occur against the background of giving up alcohol, smoking and other undesirable habits. Try to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a Mediterranean diet, and regularly practice any kind of physical activity aimed at stretching and relaxation.

4 Truths About Pregnancy Planning
4 Truths Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy Planning

We recommend: stop smoking six months and stop drinking alcohol two to three months before planning. Of course, it is better to comply with these deadlines not only for you, but also for your partner.

Truth Three: Test Yourself

Even if you have not previously experienced any special health problems, at the initial stages of planning it is worth visiting at least a gynecologist and endocrinologist. These specialists are sent to the delivery of tests and examinations that will assess the state of the reproductive system. If necessary, they will also help to adjust the planning process, prescribe special vitamin and mineral complexes and other necessary measures.

We recommend: add a dentist to this list. Of course, it does not affect the planning process in any way, but it will be able to assess and correct possible dental problems before pregnancy. This will allow avoiding unwanted risks from anesthesia, inflammation and other unpleasant peri-dental phenomena during the long-awaited period.

Truth Four: Check Your Partner

Yes, planning success depends, among other things, on the so-called “male factor”: sperm quality, sperm motility and vitality. If time passes, and planning does not end with success, perhaps the partner should consult with an andrologist and take a spermogram to assess the state of the reproductive system.

4 Truths Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy Planning
Pregnancy Planning

We recommend: additionally, consult with a specialist about the possibility of taking balanced bio-complexes aimed at supporting spermatogenesis (sperm production).

A good example of such a complex is Conquer – a drug that is made from herbal raw materials and contains antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements and metabolic co-factors important for the male reproductive system in optimal doses and combinations: such as carnosine, selenium, carnitine, coenzyme Q10, arginine, zinc, vitamins A and E.

The action of these components contributes to complete spermatogenesis, sperm quality, and sperm motility.

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Conquer is very convenient to take (it must be taken once a day with meals) and is produced using a special technology that ensures the optimal ratio of all elements, their gradual release in the body, stability and bio-availability of the composition. It is recommended to take a course of at least 3 months (this is how long the process of development and maturation of the sperm lasts), optimally before conception. And, of course, we cannot but recall the most important truth: everything will turn out exactly as it should be. Whether your planning will be crowned with success in 3-4 months or in a year – we are sure that your baby will definitely meet you.