Type of Pigmented Mole, Causes of Its Appearance and Methods of Treatment

Type of Pigmented Mole

A pigmented mole is a small, dark growth on the skin. The people call this phenomenon moles or papillomas. Such phenomena are often found on the skin and most often they do not cause any harm. In this article we will discuss the type of pigmented mole, its causes and treatment method.

There are folded and tuberous, smooth and lobular pigmented nevi. Why do they appear on the skin and is it possible to get rid of this unaesthetic problem?

Causes of Pigmented Mole

Causes of Pigmented Mole

Most often, moles are congenital neoplasms that appear in the womb. But there are times when new nevi appear throughout a person’s life. The following factors may contribute to this:

  • prolonged exposure to direct open rays of the sun;
  • Any skin, especially sensitive skin, reacts strongly to direct sunlight. Therefore, lovers of dark tanning run the risk of soon getting new moles all over the body.

Passion for Solarium

With excessive enthusiasm for this fashionable procedure today, ugly dark growths can form on the body. Therefore, in order to avoid possible negative consequences, visits to the solarium should be strictly regulated.

Hormonal Disruptions

With the maturation of a young body in adolescence, new nevi may form. This is due to hormonal disruptions leading to a significant decrease in the adolescent’s immunity. In women, similar hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and menopause. This can also lead to a decrease in the body’s resistance to a viral infection and the appearance of new neoplasms on the body.

Hormonal Drugs

Many women use hormonal methods of contraception, which seriously affects the hormonal balance of the whole body. Against the background of taking such drugs, not only uncomfortable sensations often arise, but also new moles or papillomas appear.


If a person is prone to food or drug allergies, a wide variety of acne and spots, including nevi, can appear on the skin.

Inflammatory Phenomena

Moles and papillomas may remain after suffering skin inflammations caused by infection. Also, injury to the skin can lead to the appearance of neoplasms at the site of injury.

Type of Pigmented Mole

Type of Pigmented Mole

These manifestations are of several types:

  • Intradermal Mole. Several grouped age spots that are located on the surface of the skin. A large convex mole that has a pronounced bumpy surface.
  • New Cell Borderline. It has the appearance of a flat brown spot, and with a fairly clear outline.
  • Mixed Type of Mole. This is a small mole that protrudes above the skin surface. Quite often, such a neoplasm has hard hairs on the surface. Hair should never be pulled out or cut off.
  • Mole Ota. A rather ugly dark shapeless spot, most often located on a person’s face.

Dangerous Complications of a Pigmented Mole   

Dangerous Complications of a Pigmented Mole

Papillomas and moles are absolutely harmless. But when certain conditions arise, such as injuries, diseases, allergies, etc., nevi can degenerate into a malignant form and lead to big problems.

 Particular attention should be paid to the sharp increase in the number of new moles on the body.

 Among the visible signs of malignant transformation are:

  • changes in the appearance of a mole. If the color of the nevus or its shape has changed, you should urgently visit a specialist for examination and timely removal of the problem.
  • rapid increase in size. With the rapid growth of a nevus, you should not postpone a visit to the doctor, since this can cost not only the loss of health, but also life.
  • the appearance of discomfort or burning. At the slightest appearance of unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the nevus, a doctor should be examined.
  • the appearance of a dark spot around the nevus. Any changes in the appearance of the mole should be monitored and regular diagnostics of the neoplasm should be carried out.
  • bleeding or phlegm. At the slightest discharge from the location of the nevus, you should immediately contact a specialist for an operation to remove the neoplasm.

Treatment of A Pigmented Mole

Treatment of A Pigmented Mole
Treatment of A Pigmented Mole

At the slightest appearance of violations in the area of ​​the mole, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose and treat the neoplasm.

The doctor will perform a series of procedures.

  • Conduct a visual examination to determine the correct shape and color of the mole.
  • Take a swab from the surface of the formation for further analysis.
  • Determine the degree of danger of the nevus.
  • Prescribe a method for treating a mole.
  • Pigmented nevus is removed today using several innovative methods. This can be electrocoagulation, laser treatment or dermabrasion.

If the slightest signs of oncology are found, it is recommended to perform surgical intervention, which includes the study of the surrounding tissues for the presence of metastases.

Indications for Surgical Removal of a Mole

Indications for Surgical Removal of a Mole

Among the indications for surgery, the following factors should be named:

  • location of the neoplasm;
  • the color of the nevus and surrounding tissues;
  • uneven growth of a mole;
  • fuzzy borders of the nevus;
  • complaints of itching in the area of ​​the mole.

To remove a mole for cosmetic purposes, you should first examine the neoplasm for the presence of malignant cells.

Mole Examination

Only in case of negative results of the examination for the presence of oncology, it is possible to carry out a cosmetic procedure to remove the nevus, which is called electrocoagulation.

Self Management of Moles and Warts

Self Management of Moles and Warts

Natural remedies can be used to treat moles or birthmarks that do not have cancer. Various formulations and ointments, prepared on the basis of natural ingredients, are no less effective than harmful drugs, but more harmless to the body.

Home Remedies for Pigmented Moles

For the treatment of neoplasms, it is very easy to prepare a medicinal composition at home.

Castor Ointment. To prepare the product, stir in a few drops of castor oil with 0.5 tsp. regular baking soda for a thick ointment. The composition should be applied to the nevus area, secured with a bandage and left overnight. In the morning, the place of the mole should be washed. The procedure must be repeated until the removal of the nevus or papilloma.

Garlic Juice. This method recommends lubricating a wart or nevus with fresh garlic juice and leaving it on for 4 hours.

It should be remembered that the skin areas adjacent to the mole should be covered with adhesive tape. The procedure should be repeated for several days in a row.

Apple Vinegar. When treating with this method, a tampon dipped in apple cider vinegar should be tied directly to a mole or papilloma at night.

To treat dark spots on the skin, it is recommended to use natural plants such as aloe, lemon, onion, tea tree . The juice of one of these plants should be applied to the affected area for 15-30 minutes. every day, until the defeat completely disappears.

Treatment of A Mole with Cosmetology

Treatment of A Mole with Cosmetology

For the treatment of this disease, cosmetic preparations based on natural ingredients are quite effective.

When using home formulations, there is a risk of burns or injury to surrounding tissues, since you can make a mistake with the dosage or overexpose the composition too much.

This cannot happen with professional products made from natural ingredients. Cosmetic preparations created from natural plants have been repeatedly tested in international centers and clinics, have quality certificates and comply with standard safety standards.

Formulations with aloe vera. Medicinal cosmetic formulations using this medicinal plant retain all the medicinal properties of the plant, while they are absolutely safe to use and have a long shelf life.

Cosmetic formulations with the addition of tea tree. Compositions with a base of tea tree juice have the strongest antiseptic qualities, while they do not injure the surrounding tissues, but heal the skin around the neoplasm, preventing the further spread of infection.

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Lemon- Based Cosmetic Products for Mole

Lemon- Based Cosmetic Products for Mole

Lemon cosmetic preparations have a pronounced whitening and healing effect. Their use makes it possible to correct slight darkening of the skin, giving it a natural natural tone.


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Moles, birthmarks and papillomas accompany almost every person his entire life. These phenomena cannot be called a disease. In their normal state, they are absolutely safe and harmless.

Some people even adorn moles, being their kind of “highlight”.

But when the first threatening signs of an unhealthy degeneration of a mole appear, you should immediately contact a specialist and conduct a diagnostic examination that will help you get rid of the possibility of serious health problems in a timely manner.