Winter Hair Color Ideas: How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone?

Winter Hair Color Ideas

The winter color type is distinguished by contrast and freshness. In this article we’ll discuss the winter hair color ideas and how to choose the best hair color for winter skin tone? The girl related to it has pale skin with a bluish undertone, dark hair with a cold tint and deep saturated eye color. Remarkably, a winter woman can be blue-eyed or with brown eyes – it is the striking contrast with the snow-white skin that is important. It is not difficult to imagine or remember such a woman. But if you can’t imagine the right winter combination, then the image of the fairy-tale princess ‘Snow White’ will serve as a typical example.

Appearance is very important for every girl. Women constantly dream of making it as harmonious, beautiful and stylish as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes ordinary women lack fashion knowledge to create the perfect look. Someone cannot figure out the combination of colors, some combine too many shades.

Color Types

Before talking about what hair color will suit the color type “winter”, you need to get acquainted with all of them. This information will help you not to make a mistake during the selection:

“Winter”. This look is associated with a cold, light skin tone that contrasts sharply with the color of the eyebrows and hair. In addition, these ladies have a dark skin tone with an olive tint.

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone: Winter Skin Tone

“Summer”. Girls with this color type usually have light with a milky tint or olive skin without yellowness. A beautiful pink blush is often present. The contrast with the hair is minimal. Olive skin tans great, white skin can be burned. The eyes are usually blue or green. Hair can range from light blonde to medium brown with a unique cool tint.

Summer Skin Tone

“Spring”. This color type corresponds to a warm skin tone with a golden sheen. The blush has a peach color. During tanning, the skin becomes slightly reddish. Eye color is usually blue, green, rich brown.

Spring Skin Tone

“Fall”. Girls with this color type have a warm, golden-orange skin tone with freckles. Blush is weak or absent, contrast with hair is low. The eyes are mostly brown, amber, light brown.

Fall Skin Tone
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Winter Hair Color Ideas: How to Determine Your Color Type?

To answer the question of what hair color suits the winter color type, you need to understand whether this is your look. So, further we will talk about how to find out your color type:

  • Take a closer look at your natural hair color. If it is a cold, intense shade, then you are definitely “winter”. If your hair is warm brown, then you are most likely “fall”.
  • Pay attention to the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes. “Winter” is the most contrasting color type, so if you have black eyebrows, then you most likely belong to this species.
  • Take a closer look at the shade of your eyes. Usually girls with blue, gray eyes belong to the summer color type. The sunnier, warmer shades are referred to as “spring”.
  • Take a close look at your skin tone. Swarthy girls with olive tint without yellowness usually belong to “summer”.
  • Pay attention to how your skin feels about tanning. If the shade changes slightly, then you are definitely “autumn”.
  • Pay attention to the color of your natural blush.

Subdivisions of the “Winter” Color Type

“Winter” is a rather multifaceted color type, in which there are several subsections. They are presented below:

Deep and Cold “Winter”. There are only bright, saturated, pure shades without impurities. The eyes are usually blue or green, look cold and clear, and the iris has a bright color. The hair is black, ashy or cold brown, but rather dark. An excellent representative of this species is the cartoon character Snow White.

Deep and Cold Winter
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Deep and Cold Winter

Warm and Dark “Winter”. Remember the skin tone of the inhabitants of southern countries, it is a little olive, copper, bronze. Warm and dark “winter” is usually characterized by this color. The eyes are predominantly brown, with an almond, bronze tint.

Warm and Dark Winter
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Warm and Dark Winter

Bright and Clear “Winter”. Go out into the snowy forest on a sunny morning, what will you see? That’s right, purity, clarity, coldness and light sparkling snow. This color type can also be characterized. The contrast between hair and skin color is average. Usually light brown, brown shades are inherent in this species. The skin is fairly light with a pink tint.

Bright and Clear Winter
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Bright and Clear Winter
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How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone?

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone

Light Shades

So, let’s finally talk about what hair color suits the winter color type. Let’s start with light shades.

It has already been noted above that the “winter” is quite contrasting and bright. That is why the light palette is the most diversified shade. It includes only two to four colors:

Saturated Ashy. If you are thinking which hair color suits the “winter” color type with gray eyes, then the answer for you will be an ashy shade. It will emphasize the depth of the eyes and make them more expressive. It is worth remembering that it is suitable only for those girls who have fair skin.

Saturated Ashy
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Saturated Ashy

Cold Blond with Mother-of-Pearl. An incredibly beautiful and truly stylish shade of hair that will perfectly emphasize the frequency and coldness of the appearance. If you do not know which hair color suits the “winter” color type with gray-blue eyes, then remember that this is a cold blond with mother-of-pearl.

Cold Blond with Mother of Pearl
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Cold Blond with Mother of Pearl

Medium Brown Shades

So, let’s get acquainted with the range of medium saturation shades:

Ash Chestnut. The right cool color that not all hairdressers can create. This shade will perfectly pacify the brightness and boldness of the “winter” color type, it will give it sophistication and restraint.

Ash Chestnut
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Ash Chestnut

Purple Brown. An incredibly complex and multifaceted shade that looks different in different lighting conditions. If you are asking the question, what hair color is suitable for the “winter” color type with green eyes, then purple-brown will be the answer for you.

Purple Brown
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Purple Brown

Dark Chocolate. A stunning shade for girls with a winter color type. After all, it is the same rich, bright and clean. What hair color suits the winter color type? A photo of curls painted in dark chocolate is presented below.

Dark Chocolate
Winter Hair Color Ideas: Dark Chocolate

Graphite. Insanely beautiful shade that looks amazing on girls. If you want to add boldness, brightness and coldness to the image, then this option is ideal for you. What hair color suits the winter color type? Photo of curls of graphite shade – below.

Winter Hair Color Ideas: Graphite

Dark Shades

Below we will focus on the darkest and brightest colors. So, what hair color suits the winter color type? Photos can be viewed below:

Blue-Black. The brightest and most daring option that is suitable only for courageous girls. It will add contrast and uniqueness to the appearance. If you are wondering what hair color suits winter with olive skin, then bluish black is the answer for you.

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone: Blue-Black

Black Coffee. If you are in doubt as to whether a previous shade will suit you, then try this option first. It is calmer, but has its own special beauty and uniqueness.

Black Coffee
Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone: Black Coffee

Mahogany. A beautiful and very unusual shade. It is quite calm and restrained, while incredibly sophisticated, has some kind of charm. It is worth saying that this is an insanely versatile shade that is perfect for both young girls and older ladies. After all, it perfectly paints over gray hair and highlights wrinkles.

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone: Mahogany

Mahogany is a multifaceted color that combines black, brown, red and purple. That is why it reveals itself differently on each girl. If you think what hair color will suit the color type “winter” with brown eyes, then mahogany is an ideal option for you.

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Tips from Professional Makeup Artists and Stylists

To finally understand the shades of hair for girls with the color type “winter”, you need to find out the recommendations of people who have been working in the field of fashion and beauty for a long time:

  • Choose the colors of your clothes carefully. It was said above that “winter” is the most contrasting, so the shades of clothing, makeup and hair must match. Otherwise, the girl will simply get lost in a riot of colors.
  • Go to trusted beauty experts. With the color type “winter” hair shades are cold, it is quite difficult to get them. That is why, if you want to achieve a beautiful result and keep your hair healthy, then go to proven salons.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Continuously tweak your hair color slightly so that the look doesn’t bore you. The color scheme of “winter” allows you to do this.

Ideal Makeup for Girls with a Winter Color Type – ( For Day)

A harmonious image includes not only beautiful hair color, makeup and clothing must also be thought out to the smallest detail. That is why attention should be paid to these two categories too. Let’s start with daytime makeup:

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone

Skin Tone. The main rule that every girl should know is not to hide your skin tone. With the help of tonal means, powder, you should only emphasize what nature could give you. Girls with the color type “winter” rarely have a natural blush, so you do not need to use blush. Better to put emphasis on the highlighter and sculptor.

Eyes. In daytime makeup, you can limit yourself to arrows. It is better that they are in tone or slightly darker than the hair color. If you don’t want to waste time on the hands, you can make light matte “smoky” in brown colors.

Lips. It is best to choose shades from the beige range with a slight peach or pink tint.

Ideal Makeup for Girls with a Winter Color Type – (For Evening)

Evening makeup should always be expressive. If in the daytime we use the simplest techniques, then here we need to try:

Best Hair Color for Winter Skin Tone

Tone. Usually evening makeup is quite bright and rich. That is why the skin must look perfect, any imperfection will immediately catch the eye. Remember that it is better to use a good, long-lasting base and concealer for makeup for an event.

Eyes. Here, too, you can limit yourself to lips and create the perfect Hollywood. If you want something bright, then give preference to smoks. They can be completely different colors, from brown, black to green and burgundy.

Lips. If you chose arrows, then you can emphasize the lips. For this, red, purple, wine, cherry, fuchsia, raspberry are suitable.

Winter Skin Tone: What Shades of Makeup to Give Preference to?

There are often many problems with makeup colors. Girls with a bright, contrasting appearance are always afraid to overdo it:

Brown Scale. All the cold, ashy colors from this palette will look great. For girls with a warm “winter” color type, chocolate is also suitable.

Burgundy Scale. Colors from this palette will look equally beautiful on the lips and on the eyes. The main thing is not to use them both there and there.

Violet-Blue Scale. Will give a contrasting appearance of sophistication and lightness. This palette is best used in evening makeup. Copper, bronze, milky pink. Perfect colors for glitter eyeshadows.

What Colors in Clothes, Shoes and Accessories can be Used by Girls with the Winter Color Type?

At the end, let’s talk about colors in clothes, shoes and accessories for the “winter” color type:

White. It will perfectly emphasize the frequency, freshness and coldness.

Emerald. A wonderful shade for outerwear and accessories.

Dark Chocolate. A beautiful leather skirt in this color is perfect for an autumn look.

Raspberry. The main rule is that this shade should be at a minimum. Crimson can only be a small bright spot.

Beige. Ideal for outerwear, sweaters and dresses. It will add restraint and sophistication to the winter color type. It will look especially beautiful on girls who belong to the warm “winter”.

winter hair color

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The winter color type is the most noticeable, but far from the simplest. The abundance of subtleties and features of the selection of colors of clothing can scare away the desire to deal with this. But it is better to always know more, then deciding what to use and what not, than to face a gap in the knowledge of such an important area as your style and color. Winter can be full of life and color – it is important to find the right approach and select the best hair color for winter skin tone.