How to Live Your Sexuality in Peace?

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How to Live Your Sexuality in Peace

Fatigue, stress, lack of communication, boredom and other similar factors sometimes make the sexual life of the couple a routine and monotonous act in which sexual intercourse is less and less frequent and unsatisfactory. What can be done to stimulate sexual activity and make it satisfying, pleasant and quiet? There are recommendations that many specialists offer to achieve this goal.

Accepting Your Body

Pleasure and self-esteem go hand in hand. In fact, they feed on each other. You need to find time to give your body more space and learn to value yourself. Self-esteem and a pleasant sex life are often closer than we think. It is only when we improve our own acceptance that our sexual satisfaction improves.

Communicating With Each Other

Good communication also includes sexual activity. Both partners need to know what the other likes, what are his most erogenous zones, what gives him more pleasure, what are the limits of each, etc… Communication gives confidence and avoids setting up barriers where they do not necessarily exist. It also promotes moments of intimacy and allows to overcome taboos or limits that have arisen from lack of experience.

Have Empathy For Each Other

Some people maintain an attitude of passivity and expect the partner to take the initiative. Both must be active. However, one must have some empathy and be able to respect the fact that our partner is not able to follow the game, without it giving rise to frustrations. Communication is also intended for this.